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feral cat hunting from down under

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    Interesting video about culling feral cats in Australia. I think and airgun would be perfect for humane dispatch in the trap. Feral cats are bad, not just down under.


    Feral cats are a pretty tough prey, I raise racing homer pigeons ,If A feral cat gets in my fly pen it will kill 20 birds and eat one,
    That pisses me off big time, Anyway I have three live traps set around my house 24/7..
    A heart lung shot is the only way to drop a feral cat, I have done straight on head shots with a 25 caliber shooting JSB 25 gr at 900 FPS
    at 30 yards only to have the thing run off,


    iride , looks like you may need to up grade your choice in killing power in order to kill the feral cats to protect your birds . Just saying ,
    (1) Maybe upgrade to a .30 cal. Air gun , or , (2) A .22 lr SBR shooting CCI Subsonic rounds with a silencer . Both should be able to do what
    you need to be done . Again , just a thought to help you out , the final choice is all yours to make as you see fit . I hope that my input was
    of any help .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :5: :5: :5: KILL them Damn Cats


    Mike what’s wrong with them running off? That way you don’t have to go pick them up. :4:


    You are always thinking outside the box, :geekn:
    I am waiting on the Veteran 30 caliber shorty. :angrymob: Like I need another gun,
    I will keep the silencers off the Pbs, :2cents:


    you have to pick your shots ,when u learn to take them with a 177 springer ,
    so later with a 22 cal condor ,14 grain at 900 fps it does nicely .

    still pick your shot,, best drt, is side of head from slight angle from the back to front right in behind the base of ear.
    look at a cats skull pics,, the front is a no go thick and angled,

    heart lung if you don’t have to use d . r .t


    Yea, I have shot a lot of FERAL cats, Heart lung shots seem to be the way to go, Head shots and they just come back looking strange.


    Plenty of Feral cats here on Kauai. I have shot one pile of them with my Condor in .25 cal. As a few have mentioned, head shots believe it or not more time will NOT drop them immediately. Gut shot and they will die off in the bushes elsewhere, and of course heart and lung shots. I recently shot one give or take 50 yards plus in my pasture. It was casually walking, so it was moving. According to the cats owner, which happen to be a physician, the pellet went through the ear, through the nose and into front leg. Don’t understand the ballistics of that. I honestly thought it was one of the many feral cats within the area. I am considering on ordering a .257, heavier pellet and distance, more than likely will dispatch feral cats and pigs around here which we have in abundance

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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