Eun Jin 42gr .25cal pellet weight

Guys, my 42gr .25 came in from Sluggo and I was thinking “lets weigh them” as I do with all new pellets to me. So I did on a SHIMADZU UW220H lab scale at my job (very expensive). This is what I got in grams and converted them to grain. This scale is inclosed so air will not affect the total, and I zeroed it for each pellet. I had to do this pretty fast at work so I hope the numbers are right


Avg. weight is 42.85gr

I did this with 6 more pellets and the Avg. was 42.81gr so I think it’s safe to say the Eun Jin .25 hunting point is a 42.8gr pellet. It also looks like the FPE numbers are alittle higher do to the true weight if the FPS is the same. So do the weights very that much in EunJin’s .25 pellets, or did I find something? Tell me what you think guys for I’m seeing the Condor’s putting out more power than I have seen listed. “And I like that” 😀

This is an old pic of the scale but this scale is self calibrating and it’s calibrated once a month to meet QC requirements.

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No problem Ninja. 😀

Gram x 15.4323584 = Grains

What formula are you using to convert grams to grains?

Photo, thanks for that !

I weighed some .22 pellets a while ago on the work scale which is also big $$. Not as good as that one you used, but good enough for this.

Eun Jin seem to guess the weight or use a cheap balance scale, lol. Found the .22 Eun Jins were a little under weight. Here’s my results –

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