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    WOW…..that’s all I can say about my new escape ul……I had absolutely no idea….This thing is awesome. I just got it on Thursday from pyramidair.. I just got done assembling it. I filled it with my benji hand pump (I think it was like 260 or 270 strokes). I took it outside and shot it (8pm here). Holy $h1t is this thing loud….I LOVE IT….Like I said I had no idea…Hopefully I can get it sighted in tomorrow. I am absolutely love it so far…just wish it had a little longer shoulder stock as I am 6’2 245 lbs..i’m a little cramped…probably will try and address that issue soon….



    I fell in love with mine as soon as i opened the box. I have mine almost where i want it. I still need to add a lower rail on the maddog stock because it really does not leave alot of room on the lower rail to mount my bipod. I just added my sling swivel studs to the stock this morning. I was just like you the first time i got to fire it off. It was late in the evening and i just got the first fill finished so i was itching to shoot it just once. I went outside and fired it and was surprised at just how loud this thing is. I ordered an RLshroud for it as soon as i went back in the house.


    I thought a long time about what AirForce product would fit my needs best , the Escape UL gave me the best options.
    The original gun was the UL with 18″ barrel knowing I could easily change out the barrel with the optional .22 cal. , which I did about a month after purchasing the original UL.
    Boy Howdy the UL with 18″ barrel is loud, I recently found an excellent after market shroud, from RL Airguns, it fits the 18″ barrel and is also available for the 24″ barrel and for thick or the light barrels.
    I also added 2 weaver rails, one for the scope mount and one for a fore grip with deploy-able bi-pod and a flash light or other options. I also fabricated a tank cushion with the foam rings that come when you order pellets online. I slipped them over the tank and wrapped them in camo tape, it helps greatly for line of sight with the higher scope.


    OK I went out and shot a string over chrono with 18″ escape .25. muzzle vel 1126 fps down to 985 with 10 shots, but at 25 yds a one hole group w/ benji dome pellets and dial at 8.5ish. I have 2 and I will try the other when I go to the cabin. both same. Both with a RL LDC on em.
    I know some will not like em but I use em to walk the woods and I AM OLD. (It’s so small lt wt.) And it will kill a porky or fox and yote at 50-70 yds no sweat, with head shot, and the short fat LDC from RL works great. Just my 2 cents. Never ck’d FPS before on em as it killed all I shot with it . ONE red dot doctor sight-other little 4 power scope from Horton cross bow. I only have 2 of the airforce as the full size did not thrill me but these do. The only other one to match FPS stock is a BT65 .25 but it is heavy!!!! back door only gun. :2cents:


    Nice job Captn….
    1126 sounds off.
    Should be around 1030-1050fps.
    Good luck with your new rifle.


    I thought it sounded off as well so I shot a second string and got 1119 fps first shot. Ck gauges and filled with a in line gauge fill was at almost 3200 so I will have to replace gauge on rifle or put a dot on it so I do not go over. The FPS drops fast though after the first shot. I thought airforce gauges were better then others as my marauders are all off on the high side.I will shoot it again with 3000 psi tomorrow. and post. I don,t think 3200 is good for them in long run. ❗


    AH!! I can’t wait so I went out and shot a string at 3000 psi 5 shots w benji dome. 25cal. ❗
    1018 FPS
    SO!!! It makes a diff if at 3200 and the correct 3000 psi.


    that’s awesome, I haven’t had much time to shoot mine. but I can’t wait for the weather to get nicer here this cold weather just seems to drag on and on. I really probably haven’t shot over 100 pellets through mine yet. SOON I hope….keep me posted on your findings with your ul.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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