Eliminating parallax error the easy way

I’m not sure if this had been posted already, but oh well. Now, I don’t know to some of you airgunners, but I think it’s a pain to put down my rifle, focus my scope to the target, then check to make sure that there isn’t any parallax error (target moving away from the reticle) by bobbing my head side-to-side and up and down – doing so while shouldering the rifle is extremely hard to check for as my body also moves while I do such a head dance! I’ve also noticed that although the target and the reticle can be at sharp focus, there still can exist some small amount of parallax error that can affect shot-placement consistency (and it’s quite difficult to maintain a consistent cheek weld to offset this). Anyway, to make parallax error elimination easier, I use my mounted laser. It’s easy, as I just focus my scope to the target then check if the projected dot at the desired target moves when I move my head. If it does, I adjust as necessary until the red dot no longer moves – sometimes, it can mean that the target won’t be as sharply focused as it should be when it was focused but with some parallax. The great thing about this technique is that I can do it while holding my gun. Just make sure that the dot is inline with the reticle or is centered with it, as the reticle will be used for reference.

Dont’ be fooled! There are some scopes out there that exhibit parallax error even when they are at their sharpest focus (on both the target and reticle) at a given range. The only way to eliminate it is to steady the rifle and check by moving your head. The method above only makes the process easier by doing it on the fly, while holding the rifle.

I recommend that you all give this technique a try as I know that this is one way to obtaining those tighter groups and eliminating at least one variable to obtaining them. Happy shooting everyone!

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Good new high tech. Tip! thanks.

Here is an old high tech tip used for years. Make a card board circle that fits into the ocular bell with a small centered hole in it. You will have to have a proper cheek hold to see through it. Also works on taking out the paralex on a non para. adjustable scope. Sorta like having a peep sight, and scope at the same time. Works just fine for bench rest!

Speaking of fine sight pictures, and long range, check out this vid. Makes our problems with scopes look a bit foolish! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b59f573156

Good tip. I will move this to the Quick Reference Section later. 😀

Thanks for the tip 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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