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    Are the side cocking components add-ons to the frame? I would assume so, but since I don’t own one, I can’t tell… If they are- I wonder if all the side-cocking components be bought, so that a person could convert a normal AF gun so that it’ll have a side-cocking feature.

    More specifically, I have a blank extrusion that I still haven’t done anything to, except to have the bore reamed so that it’s no longer egg shaped. I really like the side-cocking feature and would like to have that on a custom gun…


    Thinking about it some more, It’ll probably be cheaper ( :rofl: ) to just buy a Texan, that way I will:

    A) Have a pattern to go off of
    B) Have all the small parts needed to complete the gun
    C) Can sell off parts I don’t use/need

    AF is close w/the Texan… But to have what I really want, I’ll have to just build it myself. :confusedn:


    Well, not sure where this post is going to go… I’ve got other projects I’m working on, so this thread will stay open until I finish the Texan. No, I don’t have one YET. But I’m working on it.

    So far, the plan right now is to get my grubby mitts on a Texan. I’d like to shorten the barrel and do a few other things… Namely make a new frame. I got a raw extrusion years ago. I found out the bore was egg shaped, and I had it corrected. However, I never did anything with it. Enter the Texan! I love the side lever… I’m just going to incorporate all the ideas I’ve had for this raw extrusion over the past 10+ years:

    Lower, monolithic M1913 rail
    More material left to make it stiffer
    RH feed only
    side cocker (Thank you Texan!)

    There’s also stuff I’m adding/upgrading:

    500 cc 4500 psi tank (1000 cc tank is still an option- needed? Dunno)
    Valve (Who? If? Don’t know yet)
    Hammer spring
    Maddog stock
    Shorten the barrel
    1 piece barrel bushing/LDC mount (Using an LDC? Probably, dunno yet)

    That’s about it on this project for now. I’m still looking into everyone else’s results to see what’s working, what’s not. I’m excited to finally have something to do w/this raw extrusion though. That’s for sure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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