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EdGun R3 & R3M stock question

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    Does anyone know where I can buy an R3 or R3M stock…I looked at EdGun west and since the site changed it’s been horrible….I really would like to buy a new stock being that mine is showing a lot of use from the years of shooting.



    There is a Polish company that makes some beautiful stocks

    Airgun stocks


    Also does anyone know what the screw/Allen set is called.
    The one that’s on the back of the R3M that holds the back of the rifle in the stock?….I’d like to see if I can get one and fit it to my R3 stock…I only have 1 mounting point in my stock and my rifle rocks back an forth in the stock.

    I’d like to retro fit that second mounting point.



    I added some padding between the stock and the gun to stop the rocking. It worked great.


    So did I but after a while the foam just gets flat and doesn’t hold the same…plus I like to retro my matador to look like the newer versions….so since purchasing I’ve added the multi shot…groves in the rail to fit the mags and the offset moderator….but I never got to add the second mounting point in the rear of the stock.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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