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Edgun r3 25 cal slug barrel?

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    Butt Plug

    Hello everyone!

    What is the differences between 600mm vs 700mm slugs un choked slug barrels? Do they have same accuracy and do the 700mm barrel only give more speed?

    I have edgun r3 25 cal factory lw choked barrel I have try nielsen 34,7 and 36 grains slugs 260m/s without huma regulator and I get no accuracy with them!

    I ordered huma to get more speed and more shot per fill but if I order 700mm slugs barrel I have to made custom shroud extension and I dont wanna do it if the 600mm slug barrel is as good as 700mm.

    Have anyone try these barrels:

    I think I wait and try hn, jsb slugs 25 cal when they arrive before buy New un choked barrel! What 25 cal slugs airgun Nation crew recommended to try r3 25 cal edgun?

    I have use mk2 34 grains jsb long time and they are very accurate but now I want to move only testing differend kind of slugs!

    My frend have edgun leshiy 350mm barrel 22 cal and he get great results New hn slugs!

    Thank you in advance for the answers!

    Butt Plug

    With mk2 jsb its make with calm day 100m 5-10 shot groups about 20-45mm its is very accurate!! I can go shoot and take video shooting if you dont believe! But it have to be max 1m/s wind! I aint say that i shoot 300m! My frend shot with edgun leshiy with slugs those results at 100m, 200m and 300m! And cast slugs its like science and what i understand you never get accuracy cast slugs vs pressure/swaged put slugs like hn? You cast your own slugs and get good accuracy with them? What a fuck i know you maybe get some good slugs but never heard those will be accurate like swaged and 25 cal (20-45mm) 100m? What mold do you use with cast slugs can you reveal mold? I know some people who have been cast their own slugs different calibers and never get super accuracy?

    anyone who casts and swags ammo has gotten many molds or dies which didn’t work : Many of my frends have been this route and never found the best one!

    most slugs like 800 to 1050fps , so if it is tuned for pellets then buy some light ones from ebay , nsa .griffin , maybe hn will release theirs ,and or buy a mold from MP and a few sizers .250 249 and 248 from now and he sells molds as well , and have fun LOU

    Very much thank you for the answers! When i get huma regulator and can get enough speed heavier slugs what molds do prefer mp molds 25 cal? I can loan all cast equipments with laser thermometer! What mp molds you recommend and what size? My edgun magazine is about 11.5mm long? Have to fit those diameters! Yes i can have one load tray edgun when you can put longer slugs, How long are those mp molds slugs lenght?

    What mp mold you prefer in 25 cal and what sizers?

    What is the science in that 22 cal is more accurate than 25cal i dont understand or is it only because the 22 cal is more common caliber? yes i know 257 cal is one of the best long range shooting cal! But i wanna try/find out 25 cal good slugs and that why i ask! I have cast equipment in hand and do you use pure lead or some kind of mix lead and tin or what? Yes i understand that you have to yourself go to this all work, but if you can give some good help with this casting and right mold i thank you very much!

    And with slugs my today setup with 150bar can shoot only 36 grains nielsen only 265m/s and i dont get any accuracy with that speeds! But i think it dont get better with huma regulator and more speed their is more wrong with all the setup! Like you said first power up speed and then caliberate slugs right size and then order new unchoked slugs barrel!

    I havent seen enywhere on the forum that anyone have most best/accurate powder barrel manufactures barrels and try them or if they even make customs barrels on airguns in bartlein, proof research and krieger and others? Do they make custom barrels for pcp airguns?

    thank you again! Make me stupid write thank you again and again but i cannot get this information enywhere else!!!

    I post this because this its much more edgun forum but i have good info in airgun nation! If you can help some how it will be preciated!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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