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    Hi All,

    Wow.  An Edgun forum just for Edguns.

    Anyway, I just purchased a somewhat early Lelya 2.0/22.  It was advertised as “upgraded to ball bearings” on the sled (I think I’ve got that right).  I know the early R5M platform had ball bearings supporting the sled.  I do think these are factory. The later had a plastic roller (likely quieter, easier to clean, and saved production costs).  I’ve also noted that it has a steel trigger instead of the plastic.  The last change I noticed is that this earlier Lelya 2.0 had a billet machined sled instead of the later die-cast sled (I’m not a huge fan of die castings).

    Has anyone compiled by S/N when any of these changes were cut-into the production of R5M based Edguns?

    The R5M based guns I bought in December of 2019 had the plastic trigger and die-cast sleds.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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