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    I wanted to share some updates on my new Edge. I have about 1200 rounds through it now and it is a great gun for what I want to use it for – basement 10m taget work and general plinking. I recently removed the peep rear and front sight though because even though I did not have a problem getting 10 rounds touching the same hole with the open sight I knew the gun could do better if my 48 year old eyes were not fighting with the open sights. Also, the target sights do not play well with general plinking when your target is not also a circle. I added a somewhat inexpensive 3-9 power scope to try and see what it could do and the groups immediately went to one hole basically! I will be purchasing a higher end scope and more substantial mounts shortly now that I have seen what it can do when I use a scope on it.

    In 1200 rounds the only thing that has recently happened is that the top hat is slightly loose (I can turn it with minimal effort but it does not move on its own). I checked it after I read on here where someone else was having intermediate power issues … then I noticed once in a while I will have one shot go about .5 to 1 inch low for no reason. This is seriously annoying but when I lightly lubricated the mating part in the bolt the issue seemed to go away. I suspected I was not getting a consistent seal once in a while.

    Overall though – I really enjoy this rifle and shoot it as often as possible. For fun I might try to make it an “Edge +” by swapping the 12″ barrel for an 18″.

    Here is a link to a picture of it on my Flickr page- when I tried to upload it to this post directly I got an error that said “board attachment quota has been reached”.




    Sooner or later you will need to replace the o ring on the cocking lever. I would suggest that you go ahead and pick up a couple.

    As far as the top hat moving is concerned, I would suggest taking an allen wrench that fits the two set screws and remove one of the screws and apply a dap of blue locktite and replace it and then do the other. When you tighten them down, be VERY careful to not be too enthusiastic as it is very easy to crush the valve stem, thereby reducing the air port. That should take care of your top hat turning issue.

    The manual recommends that you apply a small bit of silicone oil to the inside of the frame tube to lubricate the movement of the breech block and the striker. You do not need to go overboard with it, just a couple of drops should do.

    You mentioned replacing your barrel with an 18″ barrel. When you tear it down to do such, you may want to polish the inside of the tube where the breach block and striker are located to help reduce friction some more.

    When you are ready to do a trigger mod, let me know. 😉


    Thanks On_Edge

    I have not tried to take this one apart (yet) but will take your advice on the maintenance items. The user manual is not too clear – this forum is is a great place for all the details and people who have already done it. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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