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    Bob Gularte

    3 Shots in uninterrupted sequence. First at 50 then 75 then 100 using ATN 4Kpro w/ABL 1000 on Impact Mk2 600mm shooting NSA .218 31.2 gr at 850 ft/sec. I did this to showcase the accuracy of the 4k pro when using the ABL 1000 that ranges to the target and adjusts the point of aim for the shooter. The red diamond bullseyes are .7″ x .7″ Be sure to watch the attached video where you’ll see the distance noted in the bottom right hand corner for each shot.

    FX Impact50.75.100


    Damn Bob..

    Who got it better then you!!!!

    Bob Gularte

    Ha- only me and the other Talon Tunes customers….!


    Holy Guacamole Bob! That’s competitive accuracy alright.

    You shooting off bags or the bipod? One helluva scope!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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