Easy valve removal?

Can the valve be removed by simply removing the brass insert with hog ring pliers, or does the bottle collar itself have to be removed too? The bottle collar being where the burst disc resides.



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based on the PM you sent me I think you got your answer… but here goes anyway for anyone else wondering

Firstly empty all the air out of your tank.

The stem and tophat can be removed without any dissasembly of other parts, simply pry them out (I use two plastic wedges either side so I dont apply sideways pressure to the stem or marr the finish).

That will leave you with a brass valve face with two holes for snap ring pliers that just unscrews counter clockwise. Once thats removed you’ll have access to the valve spring and the delrin valve seal.

This will leave two components left on the tank, the main valve body itself and the valve spring retaining nut. The nut unscrews out the back of the valve body, so if you got it to turn without removing the valve.. it would fall off inside the tank and cause quite a lot of aggravation.

I’m not sure if the new stem/seal are compatible with the old valve body/face or not… Maybe someone could answer that one for us. if so then you could remove the valve face and replace the internals and keep your stock valve body. But personally I’d want to replace the entire thing and take the extra effort in getting the entire thing off even if the parts were interchangable.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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