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E-PUMP Compressor By Airforce Air Guns

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    A New Way to Charge Your PCP Airgun :
    The Patented E-Pump air compressor is designed specifically for PCP airguns . This quiet , lightweight compressor is 4500 psi capable with
    a fully adjustable cut-off switch . The low current draw allows for 12vDC or 110/220AC operation . Weighing only 40 lbs this compressor is
    portable and allows for use at home from a standard wall outlet or in the field from a 12 volt car battery . It is so quiet , you can barely
    hear it operating in the same room . No oil or water is needed as this pump generates little to no heat . MSRP: $899.95 SKU: U1099
    Stock Status : ( Out of Stock )

    I first saw this ad in December of 2017 and at that time this new to the market compressor was listed Out of Stock then and has remained
    Out of Stock ever since . Is this a real compressor or did Airforce Guns falsely advertised a product that never existed ? :sadn:
    If this compressor was or is all that it claimed to be I would have bought it in a heart-beat .



    Birdman, I am waiting for the compressor also. I keep checking Pyramid Air the New release date 20 June. Hope this one is good :8:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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