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    Ok, I heard it called the TalonDor as coined by the great Tofazfou.
    That’s fine if ya put a Condor valve inside a Talon and such. But what if ya start out with a Condorvfrom the get go??? Besides, I believe we are a bit beyond the mere Condor High Flow valve these days. With the Dyotat valve being the go to valve for the most successful widespread custom out there for the newest .257 cast bullet phenom…….
    It is why I have decided to refer to the Airforce style platform for cast bullets as the Dyotat .257!
    Here is pics of my Dyotat .257 with 27″ barrel and Airforce tank with a custom made dyotat .257 valve by dyotat himself.
    I think AF .257 should be named or generally recognized as a dyota .257
    Of course a Haley will always be a Haley
    Thanks for everything Doug!


    Cool gun. Cool name. Very fitting




    I have an Eldyotat 457, so HAHAHAHAH!!!


    The fact that it is indeed still an Airforce Condor albeit a highly modified Airforce Condor is a good point. Of course Airforce doesn’t make a .257 air rifle though? From an marketing or industrial or any other commercial standpoint is a rather moot point from my perspective, as I am not selling or gaining any advancement or interest in the popularity… (just saying…
    I believe that my logic and mindset was based upon what I seemed to view as similiar to in the handloading community within firearms enthusiasts. There exsist many obscure and noncommercial firearms cartridges of various nonstandard calibers that are handloaded or custom crafted by individual enthusiasts without any of the usual peculiarly interest involved. These handcrafted noncommercial loads are reffered to as wildcats. Often times the various wildcats will take on the name of the creator or original user and forever becomes popularly known as such. A very appropriate example of such would be for instance the “.257 Ackley Improved” of which might be very well the true father of our similiarly somewhat unconventional “wildcat” airgun caliber and projectile that many of us are handcrafting using the actual moulds designed for handloaders to cast their own bullets for the .257 Ackley.
    So there you kinda get a general feeling for the method of my madness with the nickname I had coined for what I forsee as a popular “wildcat” conversion of the popular Airforce brand of Air Rifles….. Certainly this isn’t an original idea to use this cast bullet in an air rifle, and certainly a few air rifles have been custom built or have been converted. It is still though very novel and unique wildcat of the current state of airgun art at this moment. My enthusiasm for Dyotat is based more upon my feelings and my opinions gathered from my relatively limited experience within the airgun fraternity or hobbyist community. From my viewpoint I believe that Dyotat has taken the ball and has really ran with it. In collaboration with Tofazfou, they have been the most prolific and successful at their research testing and technical advancement in the utilization of both this bullet and the usefulness of utilizing the Airforce platform as an affordable basis to accomplish such high performance with this round. The contribution to further advance and popularize this particular unconventional round by freely documenting, sharing, and promoting their experiences and bringing others aboard to participate is simply monumental at the creation of what I forsee as a new movement in the shooting sports. The performance that has been extracted and made available to the masses is nothing short of miraculous. At the very least if not the masses, what he has made available in performance to me is miraculous! Every fuckin time I shoot that fucking gun I cant but help having the biggest shit eating grin upon my face as I look up and around shaking my head in disbelief, wondering if anyone else is fucking seeing this shit! Everytime I go shooting I am amazed that a air powered arm is capable of such performance! These things are on par with smallbore high powered varmint rifles! CAPABLE OF SIMILIAR PRECISION , SIMILAR FEEL, GREATER SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT, SO UTTERLY FUCKING UNIQUELY AMAZING, WITH SO MUCH LESS LIABILITY AND LESS FINANCIAL BURDEN ON AMMO!
    I can appreciate and understand some may not get it, especially many Europeans just shaking their heads,,,, damn Americans too much is never enough! Airguns there are a whole other beast than here. We have firearms and we want our firearms and the power and performance we are accustomed! This is simply amazing alternative. Unique and obscure the .257 Airforce Condor wildcat conversion by Dyotat design, development, research and custom handcrafted manufacturing. Hell yeah!!!


    How many holes do you count???
    100yrds or 90mtrs
    All day long!!!!

    My Dyotat .257 Kicks some Mother Fucking Ass!!! Got it??? Yours can too… oh yeah, and chicks dig it!!! You wish ya had it!
    Three is company but it hardly is the group , like this crowd….
    RJ Porters 88gr Spitzer Bullets (Accurate Bigbore Airgun Bullets)



    Eldy , I have to honestly admit that if I were to look objectively at how many otherwise intelligent Americans represent themselves, I find myself embarrased that we project such terrible stereotypes of ourselves in the international community. All I can plead is a real lack of knowledge, or cluelessness, I will even go as far as ignorance for many of my sheltered fellow countrymen. Americans generally have a good spirit and heart. They believe in doing the right thing and wish for goodness for all. It’s just that we are a very young and immature nation that has had a great deal of good fortune in a relative short amount of time . I would best describe it like the teenager whom has maybe had things come along a bit easier than others or even might be a bit spoiled as he makes his way into the world… Ya know how that kid knows everything and ya really cant tell him anything? He might be exceptionally smart and generally good and may even know a great deal but he lacks real worldly experience.
    Right now , I feel many Americans are believing what they want to believe. Our politicians utilize the same professional campaign and marketing professionals that the corporate world does to sell itself and sway popular opinion through a massive multi media infrastructure. You might even consider that we currently reside in our own virtual reality too. We are blinded and sometimes even look away from the bigger picture…. We need to better look at ourselves objectively and consider the way we appear as members of a global community.
    I consider myself very fortunate to be born and reside as an American where we have such a sheltered and safe lifestyle , I have gratitude for my many comforts and the luxuries that I am afforded. However, I am also at the same time embarrased at much of the waste and excesses too! We do way overconsume and too much of our lifestyle has become disposable. Resources are limited, yet we dont seem to believe that we each have a personal obligation… just as the teenagers denial that he is responsible and points to his friends….. none of his peers has any direct accountability.
    I wanted to be short and sweet but I ended up on a bit of a rant so it appears…. But yes I believe there exsists many unflattering stereotypes of Americans, ,,,, I find that right or wrong most stereotypes intially occur for a reason. Alot can be learned from looking at yourself and reflecting on a stereotype rather than be insulted and on the defensive.
    The world is a smaller place and we all are just global citizens of the universe.


    Shit I am Going to Africa, so I can be saved from Ebola Virus.




    What the FUCK does this have to do with our .257’s? Just asking.



    Yes! THANKS KNIFE! I always appreciate your participation…. Back on topic! Ya know that it is poor diplomacy to discuss politics and religion in public! Doh! Shame on my own Libertarian ignorance!
    My “Dyotat” .257 just plain is kicking ass! I love shooting it. It puts happiness on my face when I start opening up a hole in the bullseye.
    I enjoy the interest, questions and amazement that the gun recieves from many of the firearm enthusiasts whom witness me shooting it for their first time.
    It is now sporting a 29-5/8″ barrel length w/ 1:14 std TJ’s barrel twistrate and also a new VISM EVO scope (full featured budget priced scope by NCStar that is showing promise)
    It is blasting 88gr spitzers by Accurate Bigbore Bullets (RJ Porter) effortlessly at 1050+fps with easy M.O.A. accuracy at 100 yrds, with usable 10 shot string. This gun is wayyyy beyond the common “hunting” accuracy of most bigbore style airguns designed to shoot slugs.
    It scratches my precision varmint /benchrest target shooting itch in an airgun.
    I got a Maruader pellet gun for backyard practice and a Dyotat/Airforce .257 for real shooting at the range.
    After letting Doug massage it and go over everything working out the remaining Kinks and bugs, it now shoots much more consitiently and with much less effort to place accurate shots downrange. 100 yards is almost boring as I am now scouting out places with longer working ranges to shoot at!
    Dyotat100 is a very talented tinkerer and machinist that has done his homework and his efforts and continued refinement has benefitted us all. His creativity, work and experiences, have been publicly documented and openly shared freely with others. He is accessible and available for advice and instruction for those who wish to take the .257 challenge and wishes to roll their own. None of the familiar opprotunistic games, secretive proprietary design tricks or other egocentric self embellished secretive mumbo jumbo. Airforce invented and provided a very accomodating and affordable platform for the average airgunner. Homebrewers and tinkerers such as Dyotat have found ingenius ways to manipulate, exploit and modify this platform and put the likes of true custom calibered wildcat gun In the hands of the average at an affordable price.


    The ackley was not the first .257 and he didn’t design the bullet but the case for more energy! Also what are you getting for fps and fpe with that bullet, also that talondor has changed a lot since the stock valve I believe last I read he’s getting over 200 fpe and consistently shooting coke cans at 400 + yards and groups like yours or smaller at 200


    Wow I just replied to a 3 year old tread duh!


    Just the thought of me ever getting my Grubby Hands on one of these is exhilarating!!

    Tarheel//Don in NC

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