Duracoat….Talon and Crosman on its way to Yellow Ninja….

“DuraCoat is a hard polymer thats self lubricating to a certin extent; extremely hard, oil, solvent, and wear resistant. It resists 100 inch pounds of direct impact and 80 inch pounds of reverse impact. Its pencil hardness runs H to 2H. DuraCoat has passed a 300 hr salt spray test, which far exceeds military requirements for firearms finishes. Major manufacturers such as DSA utilize DuraCoat finishes on their rifles. DuraCoat has proven to hold up extremely well under field conditions. Even on parts such as FAL bolts, which are subject to significant abrasion as the bolt cycles, DuraCoat has held up well and proven to be extremely durable.” -larsontactical-

I have always wanted some of my guns Duracoated. Ever since I found out about it I had planed to have some parts done. When I make something on the mill or lathe getting it anodize can be a pain since it is only a couple of parts. Painting has been an option as well as bedliner. But both will and do chip. Sure they are easy to repair but Duracoat will give a better finish and does not chip and is permanent.

So when Yellow Ninja announced he was going to start a Duracoat service I jumped on it. So I made contacted him and he was more then helpful in taking care of it for me. He is going to Duracoat a Crosman 2240 as well as my trigger guard, grip and butt plate for my talon. I will give you a full review and report on how it turned out and post some picts as soon as the parts are done.

If you are tired of painting shrouds or polished aluminum on your guns then have them Duracoated while you can and he smartens up!

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quote Yellow Ninja:

Thanks a lot Steve, appreciate it.

I’ll spray pretty much anything people care to send me.

Just watch where point that thing

Thanks a lot Steve, appreciate it.

I’ll spray pretty much anything people care to send me.

Adam that sounds very cool. It sounds like premium protection. Please post some pictures when you get it. If YN does other guns besides the Talons feel free to tell the folks about it on the yellow. Even if he does only Talons you can tell the people there and where to find YN. (Of course only if YN cares to bother with it)

I’m still gonna be doing it… very small scale though.

I charge what I need to make it worthwhile, which to me is just the cost of the materials and a little bit extra to pay for paint and equipment to get my own stuff done too.

Thanks for the plug Adam !

Here’s my half finished under construction site


I dont know if he still offers it or not but the prices YN were offering were the best Ive seen. I wouldnt even take the time to do it myself for what he was charging.

Duracoat is great stuff. It’s much much more durable than paint. It takes a few steps and is a pain to apply and bake and so forth. It’s nice to know somebody offers duracoat service.


Well I’m finally getting a chance to start posting some on the new board. You guys did a good job of getting everyting setup and going pretty quick. I was also pretty impressed with the move of topics from the yellow boards!

Anyhow…can’t wait to see YN’s work on your guns! I had at least one or two PM’s on TOG with YN about putting a coat on my gun…I’m the third owner and it’s starting to show. Right now I’m waiting for some parts to get back for a conversion to .25…and I would like to shoot it a bit before I set something up with YN. Got a new kid on the way in late october…so maybe then!!!

Would love to see some pics of the Crossman’s by the way! That’s for sure my next project…thinking of building two of them…one for my DAD!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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