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    Web Design Co? ? ?

    Now come on,,, WTF is all that about??? Some kinda cryptic shit or something?
    I am sure its not my place or may not be of my business, but we have had a great community here. I havent been established here nearly as long as many of the great ones, but this is a place that I like to hang out and be a part of and not be apart from the goings on for too long a time.
    Just maybe being a bit paranoid or something, but I never quite understood the how and why some of these spammers and things work. What is the point of someone or some bot going through the motions of registering as a new user and then posting some wierd dialoque about the rudiments of web design 101 lecture series from web pages for dummies or something???
    I dont get it… Or is it legit…. As it is something about the those folks behind the scene here on our fabulously designed community that Tony so graciously hosts for us???
    BTw,,,, if you enjoy the site, thank Tony and consider doing biz with him or throwing a dime or some small change into his hat to help with expenses, or contribute with a instructive how-to that is worthwhile to help out others. Post material that is useful and meaningful….
    Ok so,,,,, Great web design begins by offering a space where knowledge and ideas are freely exchanged without censorship or hidden agenda but what the previous mentioned posting fails to mention is that its the fucking righteous and down to earth real people that hang out here that you can shoot the shit with about the things that we enjoy that makes the best websites!!!
    Anyways just wanted to shout out and say what the fuck? Wtf is that post from duakin12 supposed to be all about and who the hell is this and most important what gun is it that they shoot and how well does it shoot and where do they shoot and ……..? Well ya get my point???
    I love my original and authentic American made from Simi Valley California DYOTAT .257 ! Long Range High Powered Precision Shooting Air Rifles that rival many firearms and avail in different colors too :5:


    +1 WTF


    Just report spam posts and we will delete and ban them


    Spam for sure! Not the edible kind!


    Well ya did notice that I didnt post as a reply to the orig. post.
    I just dont get wazzup with spam like that? Do people actually gain anything substantial for the effort that is involved to post some nonsense? I didnt even notice if there was any type of link or anything. I understand some derive income for just generating traffic to websites but i notice with some of this stuff it is just gibberish and does nothing to entice. Is there some hidden meaning or code? Does posting or emailing spam that contains nonsense have a nefarious usefulness or utility????
    I just dont get it….
    I am curious to know and will have to research it sometime. 😯

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