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Woo Hoo !!! I finally found a welding shop that will lease me a dry nitrogen tank that they can fill to 3500 PSI.. I forgot to ask what the CF was for the tank size. But it is the same size as a full size oxygen tank for a welding/cutting set-up.

The price was really “LOW”. I’ll have to fugure what set-up to use for the fill hoses and fittings. Should be doable

Anyone have any in put here?


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Thanks , I’ll check it out!


If memory serves (always questionable), and you include the cost of the Air Force scuba adapter, I think the total was around $200. Truth be told, I think Joe Brancato can set you up with something better and nicer looking for about the same or a little less. Mine is a work in progress that just sort of evolved as I needed it. Plus there’s extra cost in mine, the cylinder pressure gage really isn’t required. Here’s a couple of links worth looking at:
The first is a reg I’d like, but the price is a little hard to swallow. The second is Joe’s site, scroll down the page for the helium/nitrogen setups. The last one is a source for high quality, high pressure parts. Haven’t actually ordered anything from them yet, but I have a pretty extensive shopping list :-). Later.


Daved. About what will it run me to set up the guages etc.?

Thanks D!

Hey, Mike, check out the post I did that Adam moved to the Quick Reference section: http://talonairgun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2331
If you have any more questions, fire away :-)!


45.00 a year rental fee. 50.00 to fill the tank.

Knifemaker; How much will the shop charge you to fill/top off the tank? AKULA

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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