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Drulov DU-10

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    I bought this pistol a couple of weeks ago. No pics here but you can see a picture at

    A 5 shot CO2 semi-auto pistol (.177 cal) with a decent trigger and accuracy. I am in the learning stage with a pistol. So far my better groupings are putting 5 shots in a 1 inch shoot in’c dot at 10 meters in 5-10 seconds. One handed hold. I am sure many can do better but this is pretty good for me. Bulk fill makes it cheap to shoot.

    Fun pistol, accurate, functions well, decent trigger, great grip. Fun. Now I need to line up 5 paintballs and see if I can hit all 5 in 5 seconds at 10 meters! I had better start practicing.


    Nice pistol Montster 😀 and good shooting . Seen one of these converted into a semi-auto rifle on one of the Russian sites 😯 . Ever strip it take some pics …..hehe lol 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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