drozd blackbird released finally

i have been waiting to purchase the drozd for years now because i heard that baikal was coming out with an updated version with larger co2 cylinder and hi cap mag. well that time has come and i could not be happier. this sweet machine pistol will spit out steel bbs at an “advertised 360 fps” but unlike other guns that over rate their fps claims this is a deflated claim( from what other owners have told me). they say it is closer to 500 fps. while this may not seem like a lot to a condor owner(like myself) that can send a 29 grain pellet downrange at transonic speeds but with a little modifications and a longer barrel and maybe using hpa instead of co2 those speeds can be approached. meanwhile while the condor is a high power single shot this gun is a lower power fully automatic( actually adjustable burst fire or single shot but this can be changed quite easily with a circuit board mod). i felt that the look and uniqueness of this gun would attract the same crowd that likes AF rifles. since i almost forgot about drozd while waiting for the blackbird to come out i thought someone else might have as well. ok now anyone who orders one let me know and we can compare results when mine come(well after i order it that is)

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Nobody knows for sure if this gun is going to be able to be modified to full auto yet. Assuming there is a circuit board change to accomodate the electric powered hi-cap mag, nobody know how it’s going to function. It probably will be, but the battery drain is going to me immense and nobody also knows if the electric mag is going to be able to keep up with a 1200rpm rate of fire. We’ll see.

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