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I’m about to drop money on my first PCP. I want the ability to shoot at 30+ FPE and still have adjustable power. I also want the gun to be chigger fart quiet for night shooting around the house.

I’m leaning towards the Condor with a modded frame extension. Is there anything at this price or lower that would meet my desires?

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Harry, I feel you on that one and there’s no doubt it my mind that I’ll still be craving more. Other air guns will just become “pop shooters.”

Riff, thanks for measuring. 44.25″ OAL is just a tad long, but it doesn’t sound unmanagable as long as the rifle balances half decent.

I’d like to start with the Condor, but my purchase is going to come with whichever I feel like I can get at a better deal.

Thanks guys.

quote airtight_python:

What is the OAL of the 24″ Condor with a frame extension. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to add baffles myself. Wouldn’t it be true that it can be made as quiet as a baffled Talon SS at equivalent FPE level?

I just measured my Condor with a 12″ extension @ 44.25″. This is with a standard buttplate. If you add the Morgan buttplate I have on mine, add 2″.

If you ran a 18″ barrel and 6″ extension, it would be 38.25″, which is a half inch shorter than the Condor with a 24″ barrel and no extension.

My Condor is very quiet, you only hear any objectionable noise when you break the sound barrier. Other than that its pretty nice.

ATP…….. Here is my 2 cents. Airguns are like sports cars. The more horsepower/FPS & FPE the better. I have owned and driven some serious American Muscle Cars and also had a few powerful AG’s over the years. No matter how much power I thought would suffice, after a while I wanted more. Go big…….you won’t regret it.

My rule of thumb however, does not apply to women. 😆 😆

Dirty Harry

What is the OAL of the 24″ Condor with a frame extension. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to add baffles myself. Wouldn’t it be true that it can be made as quiet as a baffled Talon SS at equivalent FPE level?

The Condor and Talon SS are very different in noise and power. The Condor sounds like a firearm when shot. You can add a shroud to your Condor but it is going to cost a couple hundred dollars to buy one and it adds 8-10″ to the length.

If you need the power a new condor will get you there. To get it quiet it is either going to take time and talent or $$$$

I like long range shooting and hunting. Birds and paper at 30 yards bores me. At age 12 it wasn’t uncommon to knock birds off of lines at 70 yards with an iron sighted 397.

Is the power difference between a Stock Condor and a Stock Talon SS going to be a noticable improvement for me? Provided I keep the Condor subsonic and grouping well.

If someone has a used Condor with 18″ barrel at a reasonable price then sure. I don’t want to buy one thing and then spend money making it another thing… just yet anyway.

Here is one thing to think about. A Condor with a 18″ barrel and a shroud. It will give you the power but you can save a few inches in length when you use the frame extension.

I am of the opinion that a good Talon will shoot more consistently and more accurately at full power, than a Condor will.

The Condor is a bit tricky to keep consistent with, as it is very easy to shoot too fast and start getting poor accuracy.

Ive been hearing these guys talk about how they can plug one-hole groups at 35 yards with their TalonSS, and I have a very hard time keeping my Condor under 5/8″ at that distance.

Maybe its just me, or maybe they have better barrels than I do, who knows. But IMO accurate shooting is far better than overpowered shooting.

Its hard to argue the power difference though.

As far as price goes, Im not aware of anything similarly powered at the same price that is so much fun to play with. You can alter the Talon/Condors in so many ways, its like Santas workshop every day.

Thing is… I don’t think I have the skills or tools to do the modding. What would it cost for modded valve. I know it’d be above the 30 FPE level I mentioned but it wouldn’t reach the 50-60 FPE of the Condor?

Talon ss with a modded valve.

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