drawing or picture of kickass bullpup lets see’em

ok my bullpup idea is moving forward….just spent all the cash found in the car as i got none after my mill purchase….found a nice piece of 3/4″x2′-4′ birch laminate…gonna glue 2 or 3 together for a nice thikness

but im missing a kickass design to go with…the more spacey the better

its gotta hide the trigger group i the back…and theres gotta be room for trigger linkage, im gonna do a little shield as well to protect the shooters ear in the unlikely event of a o-ring blowing out…but thats about all


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that is very cool !

Sadlave can you create a new topic and post some pictures of your gun? πŸ˜‰

I want one πŸ˜›


After testing the Bullpups accuracy, using a 16″ Anschutz barrel, the grouping was abit too big for my liking at around 3/4″ at 40 yards, so I took the barrel off and got a 18″BSA one machined it up to fit, screw cut it to take a shroud and silencer and then re-zeroed it in. The pellet grouping is now a 1/4″ at 40 yards using Air-Arms field pellets. So after doing this testing I considered the gun accurate enough to go hunting with it.

the rifle works same as the Daystate MK3

Welcome Sadlave, Its a nice looking gun you have there. Would you be able to give more details of the electric trigger that is on the gun you are using? Things like power supply, any other electrical components that are used in the trigger, basically how does the trigger work? Thanks Baz.

My BAM-50

Caliber :- 5.5mm
Length in mm :- 700 with integral silencer
with air pressure regulator to ensure shot to shot consistency
electronic trigger and firing system with custom operating features. Think clicking a mouse button and you will know how the trigger feels πŸ™‚

Hi, I’m a newbie, just found this forum off a Yellow ad. Amazing, everyone here has thought of pretty much the same projects and actually completed them!

I have a riser for my B50 on order from Big Ed and was going to make up a bullpup as well… now I can’t wait until it arrives! Anyone converted their B50 to 9mm or 308 and would care to share pics of the breech assembly? I have read of several conversions to larger calibers, but have not yet seen any pics.


its da bomb Baz!!and hey blodnob is HARDCORE!HAHAHA

Damn, baz.. now that is cool.

Hi Cygnus, here’s a couple of pictures of my attempt to make a Bullpup rifle. Its .22cal. its got a 16″Barrel and Air Arms trigger a Theoben 7 shot magazine and the action is based around an Air Arms S400/410. I did intend to send it up to Rabbits to make the stock, but problems with the piece of wood for the stock would have made it difficult for Rabbits to use, so I made this mock-up stock myself just so you can see what I wanted it to look like. I’ve also put a slide show on the bottom so you can see the varius stages of the making of it.

Ive only done bits but its not to hard or expensive. Can even use scrap ally.Many ways to go about it. Easiest would probly be to make it out of pollystyrene first, cover it all in damp sand ( green ) and tamp it down. Leave the chanels to poor and as you poor it the poly’ melts leaving you a replacment in ally. Over simplified i know but i’m sure someone will be able to flesh it out a bit.

casting….nope never crossed my mind….isnt the gear expensive ?

Ever thaught about casting it in ally and geting the correct radius by making a sanding mandrell instead if a boring bar thing. You could cast flanges on to grip in the toolpost and machine ( hacksaw ) off by hand.
❓ ❓

i think its a beauty …..

my workbench has holes in it too from shots…

my whole basement is belong to me πŸ˜‰ but it is overflowing with scraps from a pc that got shot all to hell….brick that i broke in half shooting with the .45 ….lead dust (gotta do something about this one, allthough doctor saw normal lead values in a recent test, so thats not the cause of my madness 😯 )

all my surfaces including floor is utilized….some placed more effeciently than others , example a quater of the basement floors is covered with cardboard boxes i have saved for shipping stuff at some point…

but thats the way it is…my only regret is that i let the 115 piece drill kit got messed up, i dont know where the drills belong anymore…the shanks have soetime twisted loose in the chuck so can be measured precisely….and the text on them is unreadable….

made a breech riser yesterday for the b51….i used a piece of thickwalled tubing thats 1.25OD and 1″ ID but, OD has the right curvature, but the inside needed to be worked….unfortunatly i dont have an endmaill that big(my biggest is 3/4″)….and they cost a fortune.

LMS had a roundball attachment for the lathe….40 bucks and i will be able to make the diameter that i want…for my tools….ebay has a roundnose endmill and collet for 50 bucks also…but then im stock at 1.25″

any ideas on cheaper solutions ?

i cant chuck the riser block in the lathetool holder as it is too thin Ñnd nowhere to hold onto

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