don’t laugh too hard..talon ss shot

Checklist of things to do before shooting from inside with your Talon SS and JSB Predators:

1) Gun is loaded
2) safety is off
3) area is clear
4) target in site

We just had a newborn so I’m on next to zero sleep…saw 20 pigeons in my yard this morning when i woke up. Got a bit excited…and well, forgot to open the window!!!!!!!!!!

Talon/Talon SS

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So now you have 1 dead squirrel & 1 that might as well be? Good luck . . . flowers & dinner might help . . . (nice shot . . . on the tree-rat, not the window).

got the window replaced today. $211. damn that sucked.

anyhow, I wanted to make sure I didnt do it again:

Thermopanes so clear you don’t know they are there 😆 . I like it KM
Ironbrad look at baffle configurations in the shroud area, a trip to the hardware store and $5 you’ll be quiet enough to shoot outdoors. The TSS is easy to quiet down.

omg you guys make it sound like 2 pane windows with gas is high tech lol….any glass company in DK would be able to set you up with a new window easy…

i shot the window in my old dormroom….i shot teh window sill in our newly build house…..

a guy i know….shot his TRG42 in .38 cal in his basement to show that it would passthrough a metal plate….and so it did..safly in to the barrel of sand behind it….he how ever got a severe nosebleed from the shock wave….and cracked 3 of the small windows lol his buddy standing next to him also got a nosebleed….me and a couple of others guys had gone outside to be a bit more safe, im glad i did….way funny

Here you go.

😀 😀 😀

Red Neck Fix. Duct tape will fix anything!!! Lol!

May-be you can get a spot on the Windex commercial. This is funnier than the crows watching people walking into the glass doors!


mike – yeah, definitely an urban desert. my gun is still kind of loud, so i have to shoot from inside to keep the noise down and not upset the neighbors…although i have a shroud and some other goodies coming from Tony this week, so hopefully that will change!

I nailed a little squirrel today and pissed off the Mrs. even more. I actually shot it while she was sitting on my lap and we were looking out the window together. She didnt believe I actually got it (little squirrel, 20 yards out, with her sitting on my lap, 1 shot to the temple). I took her outside and she saw the dead squirrel. She still didnt believe me for another few minutes. She though I planted it there or something. Then when I picked it up and bagged it, I think she believed me. I have been sternly told I can only kill pigeons – and kill a lot of them. Whoops. Anyhow, she’s not too mad about the window anymore. We’re laughing about it now. It’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, so it’s pretty funny.

I have a window company coming to take a look at it this week. On the new window, I’m going to put a florescent orange sticker on it. Hopefully that will help avoid this situation in the future.


Allot of the glass out here in the desert are two panes of glass with gas sealed in between the two. It might not be much to replace just the panes but you would lose the added benefit of the gas.

looks like you live in an urban desert. Tight shootin..
Regarding the window. If you look at the outside of the window carfully you may find something like a plastic strip around the ouside of the of the glass to the frame. The plasic strip hold the glass in place to the frame. You can get a new piece of glass, even a thermo, and just replce the glass. If you have a glass shop in town they may be able to do the whole job. Just take the unit down to the shop.
Good luck

I know a guy that has 60 Acres and a house up in michigan. Deer hunting season was almost done with no meat on the table, when a big one appeared in the back yard. He cranked the kitchen window open, rested the barrel of his 30-06 on the window sill, and touched the big gun off. The bullet got the deer, and the muzzle blast got the window!!


Steve, With my stock SS, one layer ( one 1 inch brick) is fine. Two layers and some other backing behind that like a metal sheet should work with a condor.

.22 cal at 20′? Best to turn down the power, on the wheel. 2″ of the duct seal would serve well.

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
Well you said don’t laugh, couldn’t help myself.
May i suggest open window be on top of the list? Thats a tough one to explain to the lady of the house. Whats the dimensions of that window, looks like a big one. I shot my shroud of the gun a couple weeks ago, i feel better now 😛 .

Revenge, is sweet keep weeding out the flying rats, good thing is they always seem to replentish themselves.

Thanks Pilgrim, I’ll look into that. I think that Adam and others have mentioned that material also. How thick does it have to be to stop .22 pellets at 20 feet?

Thanks, ironbrad, that makes me fell better about shooting my chrony. 😆 Definitely the window is more expensive to replace. My chrony cost only $30 to repair.

SteveinLA, try duct seal. Great stuff for a backstop.

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