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    Hello All,

    I have a number of tinker projects but this one came out really well and I want to share it.
    Yesterday I was going supersonic in the backyard and really wanted a shroud for my TalonSS so here is what I did:

    1) Go to a hardware store (in my case ACE) and get the followings:
    – 3ft of 1″ OD aluminum tubing: $12
    – A piece of 1/2″ ID irrigation drip line or similar: $2-$9 per 10ft or more (I bought 100ft of drip line for $9 on amazon last year)
    – a few grommet/bushings 1/2″ ID x 7/8 OD (or 31/32 OD if you can find them): $0.50-$0.95 each
    – a couple of end caps grommets: $0.50 to $1 each
    – a couple of retaining screws if you wish

    2) Cut the shroud and the drip line to fit your needs.
    I have a TalonSS with a 12″ barrel and one with a 24″ barrel sticking out.

    3) Cut the drip line to create baffle flanges:

    4) Flare the bottom and add bushings to create chambers:

    5) Push the suppressor in the shroud and flex the flanges backward as you push it in. This will create chambers but allow air flow with it.

    6) Put the end cap. You can tap a retaining screw or just hold it with some electrical tape

    7) The final unfinished result (needs some spray paint)

    Final comments and performance:
    As mentioned, I did this yesterday so I just experimented with the drip line core and the baffles as you see in the pictures.
    The results where quite amazing. At 950-1050fps all I heard was the hammer slap on the TalonSS with the 24″ barrel.
    The shroud OD is 1″ and it fits in the AirForce frame almost perfectly meaning that you might need a turn of electrical tape.
    One of my Talons fit nicely, the other I added some tape.
    To retain the shroud I am only using the end cap retaining screw that is already tapped on the TalonSS frame. I assume condors have the same.
    Since the shroud OD is so close to the frame ID, it does not move at all once the retaining screw is set.

    This shroud is super light, easy to assemble, super cheap ($5 per liner foot!).
    More experimentation on the suppression core will be fun, but my current results are good for me.

    Please post mods to it if you wish. I would love if this could become a sticky somewhere for all to share.



    You should get a cheap sound meter like I did to actually measure the difference.
    My “K” baffles provide a significant difference for PCP’s and CO2 air guns.

    Selso Tello

    new member would like to see all pics on your DIY Texan SS



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