DIY Gun Camera Mount

After pricing camera mounts for rifles and them either being too expensive or too bulky I just quit looking for one…

I had a QR weaver mount and a weaver rail left over from a past project I never ended up doing and got the idea to use them to make a camera mount.

Mount a Weaver ring upside down to the scope tube. I used a Quick Release mount just to make it easier when out hunting.

Then I got a weaver rail from local gunstore and cut it in half.

Camera’s use a 1/4-20 Bolt, had to drill out a hole in the weaver rail so it was wide enough to get the bolt through.

Here’s the Weaver rail attached to the mount

and attached to my Camera

the levers on my QR mounts where a bit too long so they had to be grinded down a bit.

Here’s the finished article –

Works with the new lighter camcorders too –

My camera is pretty big, nxt step is to get a small point and shoot that can take compressed video footage to cut down on weight and size, The silver colour doesnt help either. Might paint a cheap digital camera in OD green or something similar.

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