Dennis Skinner / Denskin

I just found out from a member here via a post on another forum that Dennis Skinner aka “Denskin” as many of us knew him on TOG recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

As ugly as what happened with TOG was, its just the internet and it wont erase the years that I spoke with Dennis as a freind each morning on MSN and doesnt matter one bit when it comes to the health and wellbeing of another Human being.

I’m not religious, but I’m wishing him a speedy recovery and I hope those of you that know him will do likewise and I’m sure he’d appreciate your prayers if you can offer them.

Dennis… We’re here for you if you need anything.

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I don’t wish that shit on anyone….

My thoughts are out to him as well.

I wish him the best and a full and speedy recovery…I know he has had some other problems in the past and life has been a bit hard on him. He’s butted heads and or offended quite a few people but I hope they/he can forgive and move on.

Best wishes Denskin all is forgiven in my book.

Sincerely, Jim Shaw.

I was only on the forum for a short time before the shut down, but he helped me get started in my efforts to get the talon up and running right. Best wishes for him.


sorry to hear of dens problems,

i feel for you mate 😥

get well soon and get on here as soon as 😉


I don’t know you man but, I’ve seen your name around when I was lurking on the TOG.

Get well.

Speedy recovery, Dennis Skinner.
Get well soon.

Igor aka Wasenshi

Hope he recovers soon!

And wish him all the best!

It’s time human kind wins from this 20th century plague called cancer!



All the best to Dennis Skinner.

I wish you well.


Thought Dennis had surgery several weeks ago and has been in recovery??
Know he was having trouble several weeks before TOG shut down and was preparing for surgery.
Wish him well and back to good health. Dennis has gone through/endured a lot of physical pain over the years.
Hope to see him on the boards soon.

I hope his Brain gets better.

Thanks, Y

I wish Dennis the best and hope for his speedy recovery. Dennis was a long time member of the TOG and a wealth of knowledge. Some of the forum elders might remember the ‘Grumpy Old Man Challenge’ where Dennis got 100 shots at ~30fpe out of a Talon. This back in the days before many of the fancy aftermarket items available now. Old school where a deep well spark plug socket would serve as a heavier hammer 😆

Den, if you are reading ….. drop in and say hi. We could all benefit from your experience… and besides, now that we have Walter here, you get to share the ‘Grumpy old man’ title! 😆

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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