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Delrin vs. Aluminum bushings…

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    Both my SS barrels have delrin bushings, just how much difference in accuracy does this really make? When I first got it, the .177 was pretty good, but the .22 was not. I got a 24″ .22 shortly thereafter, and let a friend have the short .22 barrel. The new barrel has ali bushings, and is tack driving accurate. I got the short one back, after the friend worked on the crown, but weather has closed in on me, and cut my shooting off almost completely. We got another 4″ last night :-)! Interesting to note, the .22 bushings are a tighter fit in the frame than the .177. I have a single set screw frame, but I think I do a pretty consistent job of snugging everything down. Just wondering if I really need to put a couple sets of bushings on my letter to Santa :-)! Thanks, guys.




    If you are happy with the accuracy of a rifle with delrin bushings, leave it.
    If you are unhappy with the accuracy, one of the first things I would change would be the bushings.

    Good Luck


    Interesting question and some folks have different experience or opinion. Have both and have used both off and on, even have one set up with one of each. Haha
    That said on one of the set ups I left just the single grub screw but on the rigs I have now I use two grub screws and modified the mount slightly.

    So far I can’t say I see any significant differences. The delrin do seem to be a bit snugger. They seem to seat ok.

    One thing I have seen is that there can be sort of a bias to the aluminum mounts. That is, if you swap them, turn them around exchange them from front to back you may find the centering of the breach a bit off. That situation may require a little study and work to ensure everything is centered. One does not want the breach block or other related hardware impaired relative to free minimal friction travel 😉


    I dont think the material makes smuch diferance as long as they’e machined in line with the bore ( through centres ) I use what ever is closest in the garage. Make em over sise first then press fitt em on and machine up from there.
    I’m constantly amused at how far out the bore is in relation to the OD on barrels. Even on reputable makes.


    I vote for aluminum. I just got a set and they both measure 1.009″. Both slide into my frame as if they are piston sealed, nice and snug.

    The delrin bushings on my barrel: 1 measures 0.980″, and the other measures 0.945″. The larger one takes 2 full wraps of scotch tape to fit my frame, the smaller one takes 3 wraps.

    All I can tell you for sure is, my accuracy got much better after I wrapped the delrin bushings. I havent yet installed the aluminum ones. I suppose material doesnt matter much, but the fit-to-frame does.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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