delectric or dow corning 3 on valve threads?

i just received my condor’s new valve today. it said that the threads must be coated with dow corning 3. is this necessary?

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I must admit I have never seen the dielectric grease with the grit at least per/say, they may all have grit??? Makes perfect sense though as to why they would have the grit, at least for the larger connections. I don’t know if I would want the grit for all the delicate connections made like the gold plated ones. I went and looked at what I have so much of in dielectric grease to see. Was so cool reading about the grit in it. Mine doesn’t say one way or the other either LOL

Now you guys don’t put any of the grease you use on the threads??? Just on the O-ring??? I am just fearful of any aluminum threads reguardless. I also hate any kind of connection going together dry. Over the years I have always seen things going together being done way better when they went together with something on it :):):) Grease, sealer, water, spit, blood maybe even piss LOL, just something :):):) Just joking a little here, but you get the point I think like I hope anyway LOL

Time for one more cup of joe. Been sitting here reading some of the so many things to look at and read about on this forum…

A tiny amount of silicome grease on the O-Ring is enough.

You dont need to tighten it above hand tight. Once its filled with 3000psi, that thing wont budge.

Just dont shoot the gun down too low otherwise you might unscrew the tank from the valve as opposed to the valve from the gun when you remove it.

Thats mainly an issue for paintballers who nearly empty their CO2 cylinders during a game BUT could be an issue if you shoot your AF tank down real low (woman was killed by a flying tank which was unscrewed from a valve when the guy was removing it from a marker).

also all i have ever used is silicon grease and it worked fine, just a little bit around where the o-ring goes

i’m an electriction and di-electric grease, is what it is usually call is a grease used for electrical conections mainly with aluminum and cars, i would not use that because al lot of it has grit in it to help out the conection, mainly the stuff for alum. but you can buy it at an auto parts store, and i don’t think it has grit because it is for light bulb connections. hope i helped

i never heard of this delectric stuff. where can i buy it and what does it do exactly? how much do i really need to use?

I couldnt get my new valve to work today because I’m missing the valve seat. Airforce charges $5 for this little plastic piece….

Just use a good dielectric on the threads and the O ring and its groove and that works well. Don’t just torque the hound out of this either. I(t doesn’t have to be all that crazy tight really… Just what I have been doing anyway and it works stellar…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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