Daisy 880S .177 airgun rifle

A few weeks ago I was surfing YouTube on PCP guns and I saw a video by Airgun Evolutions titled Daisy 880 Pigeon Pest Hunt . This guy said that
he bought a Daisy 880S .177 Pellet Rifle that included a 4×20 scope for only $35.00 at Wal-Mart . I watch his video and it looked like he was
shooting and killing pigeons up to forty yards with this gun . So , I said to myself for only $35.00 bucks and a can of .177 pellets why not try
this gun out and see for myself if this would be a cheap fun little gun to shoot with , if I didn’t like it I could give it away to some kid that
would want a gun to go shoot frogs or what-ever . I zeroed this gun at 25 yards because it said that it could hit a target at 50 yards . After I
zeroed it in I took it to my daughters’ house to see what it would do to pigeons on her roof . I was shooting Crosman Premier 7.9 gr. Hollow
Point pellets , and it was killing them as fast as I could cock and load it . To me it had a little bark to it so I got my sound meter out and tested
its’ noise level which came to 68.9 Db . I measured the barrel and it came in at 14mm and ordered a slip-on barrel adapter . The front sight is
hard plastic which will slide off with given force . Had to cut some of the front sight off in order to put the adapter on which I had to bore out
to a 14.3mm to make it fit . I have Donnys’ Tatsu on my Crosman .22 gun , so I put on the Daisy to see if it would help with the bark . It did help
but not enough for what I wanted . E-mailed Donny and decided to go with his Ronin silencer . Donny got it shipped out the same day I ordered
it , got it within 4 days . Put the Ronin on and tested it for loudness and it reduced the noise level to 39.3 Db . Now this gun is backyard friendly
and it is really fun to shoot , For $35.00 bucks I would recommend this gun for any parent to buy for their kid as a great starter pellet gun .

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November was a good month for taking crows . I killed 7 crows between the 17th and the 21st of November with my $36.00 Daisy 880S
.177 pellet rifle , longest shot was at 42 yards and shot it out of the pine tree across the street from my door . One shot with
Premier 7.9 grain hollow point and it dropped like a rock out of the tree . Really love this cheap ass gun .


Daisy 880S , Crow # 2 went to the big crows nest in the sky today 5/26/2019 . Really don’t know how to tell all of you just how much pleasure
shooting this cheap little no-nothing gun really is , I know for sure that this little cheap shooter will most definitely kill a crow at a minimum
of thirty yards . Yes , you have to pump it up ten times for each max pressure shot , but , even though you only get one shot and you make
that kill shot , shooting this little .177 cal. gun is just as much fun as shooting the higher-end PCP guns . I have more fun shooting this gun
then shooting my Vulcan or my Airforce Talen SS which are both .25 caliber . For $35.00 at your local Wal-Mart , buy one and try it out for
yourself .

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880S , makes 3 kills this morning . I take my grandson to school every morning , he has Autism and goes to a special school for kids that
have Autism and I decided to take my little shooter over to my daughters house today since I haven’t brought it over for a week now .
As I pull into Sarah’s drive way the first thing I see is a crow sitting on the edge of her roof looking straight at me , so I park my truck and
grab my 880S and sighted on the crow which didn’t seem to have a worry about anything even though I was only about 10 yards away from
it . I squeezed the trigger and the crow dropped dead forward off of the roof and hit the ground . Ten minutes later I hear a pigeon cooing
from the top of the outside chimney , so I go out to the backyard which gives me the best shot at anything that is on the chimney and there
is sitting a nice fat dark grey pigeon , again I sight in and squeeze the trigger . Hit it in the middle of its’ chest and it flys about 7 feet and
drops dead in the backyard . Before I could pick it up another pigeon lands on the roof , I re-cock and load my gun as fast as possible take
aim and hit this one in the middle of its’ chest and it takes 2 big hops right off of the roof and dies on the backyard patio . Today was a great
day for pest control and the very first time the 880S to make its’ first crow kill . Those 7.9 gr. hollow points are very deadly at close ranges .
I never thought that this little .177 gun would ever be able to take down a big crow like the one it killed today .

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Daisy 880S UP-DATE # 3 : Installed a Side-Shot cell phone camera scope mount on this little shooter , I still need to down load a video app.
to my cell phone . If I ever figure out how to post pictures on this forum I will be glad to do so , but , don’t hold your breath because I still
need to know how to really use my phone and computer , wife is in the same boat as I’am in and the kids don’t have enough patience to help .
So as for now if anyone would like to see this little gun and set-up you can PM your e-mail address and cell phone number and I will be able to
send you pictures . I got the Side-Shot more for myself so I can keep recorded videos for my own viewing .

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Bird, lets see a picture of this new adventure your using.

Now that I got this little shooter nice and quiet , I took it over to my daughter’s house this morning and shot 3 pigeons off of her roof .
It is really cool to be able to shoot each bird as fast as I can pump and reload the 880S because this gun is so quiet that the birds don’t
get spooked when I pull the trigger ,they just look stun as they walk and fall off the roof .


Daisy 880S UP-DATE # 2 : Removed the felt cloth wrapped around the wire mesh on Donny’s Ronin and tried using a cut to fit foam pad , really
didn’t do much , so I replaced the foam and wrapped a dense sponge cut to fit around the wire mesh and it reduced the noise level from 39.3
decibels to 36.5 decibels , may not be much , but I’m happy with the results .


Daisy 880S UP-DATE : (1) removed the 4X scope that came with the gun and installed a 3-9X40mm with rangefinder reticle lens . (2) added a
DonnyFL Ronin to help reduce this guns bark , it reduced the noise level from 68.9 Db to 39.3 Db , now this gun is much more backyard
friendly . Zeroed the scope in at 25 yards and shot it from 10 yds. out to 40 yds. and was quite surprise on how accurate this gun shoots . I
was shooting Crosman Premier .177 cal. 7.9 gr. Hollow point pellets . At 40 yds. I only had to shoot three pellets , they pretty much stacked
themselves together and you would have thought the hole was made by a lager caliber pellet . This gun is capable of killing out to at least
forty yards , I will more than likely only shoot it out to 35 yds. because most of the birds I shoot are under 25 yds. Shooting the pellet
mentioned above , my shortest shot was at 9.8 yds. and the pellet went completely through the pigeon and into my bird feeder that it was
sitting on . My longest shot with this gun was at 29.5 yds. and the pigeon just dropped dead without even twitching like they normally do .
In the future I’ll be shooting some different grain pellets and I’ll give an up-date on how well they perform with this gun


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