Curved or Straight?

What is the preference for the butt plate? Do you like it flat and straight like the stock one, or would you like a curved design instead?

I am working on a new design and am just wondering

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Curved for me. My best shooting airguns all have curved pads.

I like my butt pads curved, also.

Curved for me as well. I made this from mahogany. Next I will fashion a aluminum brace that will go from the bottom of the butt pad to the bottom of the grip. I’ll post pic when it’s done.

I would say curved

but (bad joke inc)

shouldnt you ask your wife whether she likes curved or straight?

It’s looking unanimous, Adam, curved for me too. You sure this isn’t a lead in for a bad joke?


Curved as well. Have you made a curved one yet?

Could be with the straight pad, guys tend to bury it more in the shouldar then need be, just because of feel. This would obviously cause alot of the frame flex issues we hear about and experience. Purely hypothesis

Curved for sure.


WOK; For our guns I prefer the Morgan curved. AKULA

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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