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crow has a new job(they are hiring also if u need a job)

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    i got a new job still at walmart but i finally got out of the freezer no more 35 below
    i am no longer a lift driver
    i am an orderfiller
    pick cases all day in the meat and produce area 45-90 lb cases all day

    it is a newbie job basically if you wanna get a foot in the door or somethin
    i am loosing .75 cents an hour buy going out but i get .50 cents an hr for orderfilling
    plus the orderfiller incentive
    it is if you pull production of 100% or more upto 130% u get that much more money
    say i pulled 130%
    i make 19.80 an hour and add 30% to that that is my incentive for production of 130% it is $5.94 an hour more
    so that is 25.74 an hour which is nice
    multiply that 5.94 x 40 hrs
    thats 237 a check more 😯

    now i just gotta bust ass and pull 130%
    i currently average 119.9 for the month but after doing this for another month and gettin back into shape ill be down to 245 lbs from my 270 im at now 130% will be cake to pull


    Yay!! Nice one

    More airgun tokens….


    And they say Walmart doesn’t pay worth a shit….

    Glad to hear you are doing well in this economy.


    wal mar doesnt pay worth a shit………….if u work at a store
    DC’S are a whole nother story now
    we had steak cookout at work tnite
    steak baked taters chips soda
    all u can eat it was for making it 40 days with no medically treated accidents which is good for a dc with 1100 employees
    doing hard work
    every 30 days we get another “prize” for saftey
    last month chicken bbq
    next month shrimp and steak
    month after free t shirts and hats
    next week end free tacos for regional challeng on cases per man hour worked we won
    in 4 years ive had more cook outs and free food than i can remember
    and i have gotten 7 t shirts for different saftey challenges
    i love the place
    they told us today we ended the second quater of the year making out saftey goal and cases perman hour at a maximum so we get our quarterly bonus of 1 dollar an hour for every hour worked that quarter
    it is the 3rd quarter in a row we have maxed out and hit the dollar an hour


    they just realesed this week they are adding on another shift and hiring 30-50 more people
    move on up to ny and work here
    we ca go to the camp and have some beers and shoot the guns after work


    Good news crow. You anywhere near Ellenville?


    Crow; Can I tele-commute for this job? If so I’d be interested as I don’t like to get dressed after I get up for at least two hours….and I get up late in the day. I would also demand to be paid for every hour of every day of the week, weekends and holidays included. I demand to drink on the job too.

    See what your boss says. AKULA


    akula sounds good to me i only have to put in another 21 years here to retire lol

    but in 21 yrs ill be 47 yrs old
    still 20 more years befor i can retire (67) is the minimum retirement age here i think
    is it diff state to state? not sure but it is either 67 or 62 but either way ive got a long ways to go lol


    yellow not near ellenville a few hrs away
    i am 40 mins from lake george which u prolly heard of bein in mass i am 2 hrs from mass


    Hey Crow P. There’s talk of a D.C. being built here in Merced. People are fighting it (I think….WTF!!!!) Most want it built NOW. I know I’ll apply either to work inside or as a driver.


    thats sweet
    they need some more dcs on the west coast
    itll give me options to transfer somewhere

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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