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    UP-DATE #7 : Since new day-light time is on its’ way decided to change out the Bushnell scope on my little shooter to a
    CV LIFE 2.5 x 40E Red/Green illuminated scope with a Red Laser . Scope zeroed-in at 20 yds. and the laser is also zeroed
    dead – on . Now when I go to my daughters’ house in the early morning when it is still dark outside I will be able to shoot
    the pigeons that are roosting on her roof , a little bonus , no sun-light needed . :4:



    UP-DATE # 8 : Never thought of shooting pests with wadcutters until I read irides’ article on shooting sparrows with his new Vulcan .177 .
    After shooting nearly 1500 domed pellets of varies grains in my .22 cal pump carbine I was getting real low on pellets and
    decided to try both wadcutters and pointed pellets so I ordered from Pyramyd Air one tin of each . Wadcutters : Gamo
    Match 15.43 gr. and JSB Match Jumbo Diabolo 13.73 gr. pellets . Pointed pellets : H&N Excite 15.74 gr. and RWS Super-
    Point Extra 14.5 gr. Read that the pointed pellets were designed for low powered PCP guns like mine . When they come
    I’ll chrony them first in order to compare my chrony results with the domed pellets that I have been shooting . Really
    like the idea of the potential carnage that the wadcutters may do to the pigeons I’m killing at my daughters house , most
    shots are within 10 yards . Nothing wrong with the dome pellets I’m using now just thought to try something new and see
    how the new pellets will stand-up to the dome pellets . So far I have killed 14 pigeons at Sarahs’ house and still have around
    another hundred or so that need to be removed . Shot one that was on the eave of the house and looking down at me , the
    pellet made a groove all the way up the pigeons’ beck and entered its head , I thought that was a really cool shot .

    FROM : THE BIRD :4: :8:


    UP-DATE # 9 : Flat Wadcutter Pellets : (1) JSB Match Jumbo Diabolo .22 cal. 13.73 gr. = 445 FPS at max 10 pumps
    (2) Gamo Match .22 cal. Training 15.43 gr. = 438 FPS at max 10 pumps

    Pointed Pellets : (1) RSW Super Point Extra .22 cal. 14.5 gr. = 438 FPS at max 10 pumps
    (2) H&N Excite Spike .22cal. 15.74 gr. = 428 FPS at max 10 pumps

    NOTE : The JSB , RSW , and the H&N pellets all shot perfect Dead-On at the target at 15 yards . The Gamo pellets shot poorly .
    They would not shoot dead-on at the Bulls-eye , instead they would always and I mean with every shot the pellet would
    always hit high one inch and two inches left from the Bulls-eye . In order to use these pellets I would have to use different
    mil-dots on my scope to hit the Bulls-eye Dead-on , I will save these Pellets for last . Both the Wadcutters and Pointed
    pellets really made big holes in my target , now I need to see what kind of damage they will do to pests .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :5: :8:


    UP-DATE # 10 : Haven’t had the opportunity to test the new pellets on any pests yet and I wanted to get some idea of the
    potential damage that each pellet would create so I decided to set up 4 pomegranates as targets for each
    new pellet . All of the pomegranates used were about the size of an orange . I choose to use pomegranates
    as targets because of their thick skin and dense bodies . Flat wadcutters : (1) Gamo Match pellet made a
    good entry hole and stopped in the middle of the fruit , (2) JSB Match Jumbo Diabolo pellet performed the
    same as the Gamo Match pellet . Pointed Pellets : (1) H&N Excite Spike pellet made a larger entry hole
    than the Flat Wadcutters and went completely through the pomegranate , (2) RSW Super Point Extra pellet
    was even more devastating than the H&N pellet , it split the pomegranate completely open and blew the
    top of the fruit off . Targets were set at a distance of 10 yards since that is the basic distance that
    I’m shooting pigeons at my daughters house .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn:

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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