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    Ordered a custom 1300 KT .22 caliber Crossman 1322 Classic Pistol today . Having it made into a short barrel carbine rifle .
    Here are the components : (1) 1300 KT Custom Gun Base , (2) 1300 KT Base Assembly , (3) 14.6″ Lothar Walther Barrel in
    .22 caliber , (4) Long Steel Breech , (5) Black Muzzle Break , (6) Black Plastic Shoulder Stock and Forearm Grip , (7) Blue
    Trigger Shoe , (8) 1×25 mm Center Point Multi-Tac Red/Green Dot Sight . With a $10.00 Life Warranty it came to a total
    cost of $262.53 . Should be a fun little gun to play around with . I will mostly use it to kill all the crows and pigeons at my
    Daughters’ house . Have to wait 3 to 6 weeks for its arrival . :5:



    Sounds like a fun toy! Having spoken with a guy who does a lot of repairs on Crosman pump-style guns, he recommends never going to the maximum, usually 10 pumps. I had a .22 pump rifle, which he repaired a couple times before asking me about the number of pumps I was using. Apparently, after about 5-7 pumps, you can damage the piston/ pressure chamber seals, while not getting much fps increase.


    bogman , I will keep your info in mind , thanks . Have to wait another month for new shipment for the LW Barrels to
    come in before my mini carbine can be custom made . Have 1,100 .22 cal. pellets in different grains to try out when I
    get it , will also try out polymags as well as NSA .22 cal. swaged pellets as time goes by with full chrony strings for all
    pellet grains shot . Only expect this little toy gun to have a max range between 20 to 25 yards at the most , which what
    I will be shooting and killing will be good enough . :5:



    This little pump , no-nothing really small in power gun has for some reason for which I do not know will be my new
    interest . No one else on this forum has one that I know of . As far as I know with a 14.5″ barrel this may be only a
    20 to 25 yard shooter at the most and I’m going to find out just how far out this gun will perform effectively with
    smallest grain pellet to the heaviest grain pellet . Have to wait for the new shipment of LW Barrel before this little
    shooter can be sent . I named it GOTHIC , because it is dark and mysterious with unknown abilities that as far as I
    know no one has ever tried to see the max that this little pump carbine can perform at . I’m going to put this gun
    through a very ridged testing . It will be a .22 cal. gun and I have 1,100 pellets of different grains to test it with .
    This may turn out to be an excellent short range survival air gun that will not need o-ring replacement or a high
    pressure air supply . Will let you know when I get this gun in hand and give results as each area of testing is completed .

    :2cents: FROM : THE BIRDMAN


    Lol maybe not a 1300KT but I’ve dabbled around with my backpacker. Multi shot .177 LW 18″ barrel prod trigger group. Brass flatface valve and piston.

    Just put together a steel breech on a 1/4″ riser 13″ LW .22 backpacker still working on finding a hammer spring.


    miksatx , did you make that LDC for your gun ? Looks to be at least 9 inches long . What pellet grain has the
    best performance in accuracy and what is your max effective shooting distance ?



    birdman yes I made the dumb looking ldc lol. Like I said I just put it together. Right now working on finding a hammer spring.
    i had this barrel on a disco tube it was accurate with most pellets shot through it. I don’t expect accuracy to be any worse with the pumper. Just way slower velocities with a heavy pellet. I picked up some h&n excite 13g hp hope I can get them shooting 500+ fps in 10 pumps.


    Got an E-Mail from Crosman today that my custom 1300KT carbine GOTH in .22 caliber has been shipped and is now on its’ way to me . Ordered
    the gun on 11/12/17 and had to wait for the new Walther barrels to come in and be machined . Barrel is 14.5″ long with 12 lands and groves
    rifling and with 1 in 16″ twist , is also crowned and chocked . Have 400 Premier 14.3gr. , 500 15.89gr. ,200 H&N 27.01gr. , 125 EJ 28.5gr. , and
    250 Diabolo Exact Jumbo Express pellets from the Czech Republic which did not list its’ gr. size .



    Well my custom Crosman 1300 KT pump .22 caliber carbine came on Tuesday of this week and upon opening the box my first impression
    was good . The gun was shipped in a double box and was placed between 2 thick egg carton foam pads along with the Center Point sight
    that I had ordered with it . It looked small and cute . Total length is 31 1/4 inches and with scope weights in at 6.67 lbs. Keep in mind that
    this is only a 6 ftp gun without any mods done to it as of yet . Crosman states that this gun was design to best shoot Crosman and Benjamin
    pellets . They also say that when not in use , the gun should have an empty pump charge . The gun needs to have at least 3 pump charges
    to prevent the pellet from jamming in the barrel and to prevent damage to the gun must not ever be pumped more than 10 times per shot .
    On You Tube they say that when not in use the gun should have 1 pump charge in order to keep a proper valve seal . I zeroed the scope in
    at 20 yds. shooting Crosman 14.3 gr. Premier pellets . Shooting free hand a 5 shot group could be covered with a quarter . I also shot 5 groups
    with JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo 15.89 gr. pellets , H&N Sport Rabbit Magnum II 27.01 gr. pellets and Eunjin 28.5 gr. pellets . All pellets shot
    just as well as the Crosman pellets . I set up 4 16 oz. water bottles at 20 yards to simulate the size of a pigeon . Shot 1 bottle per pellet
    grain each . All 4 grain pellets went through each bottle and into my 4×4 back stop . Friday morning I took this little shooter which I have
    named GOTH to my daughters house to see if it could kill the pigeons and crows at short range that sit on her roof that are not spooked
    by anyone looking at them . Saw 1 pigeon sitting on the roof , so I put Goth to work . Yep , at about 7 yds. away I sent 1 pigeon to the big
    pigeon coop in the sky . So far , I like this little shooter . :5: :8:



    I wonder how it does with a rest. For short-range hunting, I had very good results with Silver Bear pellets, a semi-wadcutter hollow point which is pretty light. Those flew fast and deformed well. I hunted a lot of squirrels with those. Often, the round-nosed pellets didn’t drop the rodents, not quite enough power to deform. I think I’ve got a bunch of those in .22; I can mail you some to try out, if you’d like.

    My old Crosman pump did best with about 7 pumps. If you have a chrony, it would be interesting to see how the fps changes with each pump, below 10, of course.

    Can you post some pictures?


    What I’d like to know is this: If a single-cock spring piston air gun, like a magnum RWS 48, can generate enough air to really get a .22 moving, why can’t a single pump (e.g. side lever) air gun store the compressed air instead of having the spring piston setup?


    14.3 gr. Crosman Premier – PUMPS (10) 449 fps , (9) 456 fps , (8) 433 fps , (7) 413 fps , (6) 393 fps , (5) 365 fps , (4) 329 fps , (3) 284 fps

    15.89 gr. JSB Exact Jumbo -PUMPS (10) 455 fps , (9) 442 fps , (8) 441 fps , (7) 410 fps , (6) 389 fps , (5) 362 fps , (4) 336 fps , (3) 294 fps

    27.01 gr. H&N Sport Magnum II – PUMPS (10) 343 fps , (9) 326 fps , (8) 309 fps , (7) 298 fps , (6) 275 fps , (5) 224 fps

    28.5 gr. Eunjin – PUMPS (10) 346 fps , (9) 335 fps , (8) 302 fps (7) 300 fps , (6) 287 fps , (5) 267 fps .



    bogman , tried to send you a PM but for some reason it isn’t going through . Send me a PM with your cell phone number or an E-mail
    address and I can send you pictures , and I’ll be able to send you my home address as well .



    PM sent.

    Interesting numbers you got chronied. Looks like, after eight pumps, you don’t get a lot of fps increase. That’s probably why my “repair guru” told me to stop at eight.

    H&N field Target Trophy might also be a good pellet to try, 14.66 gr. The Beeman Silver Bears, 12.65 gr., may not be in production anymore. But the H&N Excite Hollowpoints, 13 gr. are very similar.

    I use the Field Target Trophys a lot in my springers. They have better long-range accuracy in those.


    bogman , you are correct between 8 and 10 pumps fps increase is small . This being a low fps gun I was only wondering how heavy
    a pellet and far this gun would be able to kill pests . I have read on You Tube that those who have the skills have modified this gun
    to be able to increase the fps from 450 up to around 910 fps and hit targets out to 125 yards . I sure would like to find someone who
    has the skills and modify my gun to be able to shoot at least up to 650 fps if not even more fps . For such a low power made gun I was
    surprised how well the trigger is , on my gun it has a very nice slow pull and it makes shooting this gun fun . Pumping is stiff and the
    forearm grip is almost to narrow to grip for my hands which are medium in size , will have to modify and make the grip wider . 😉



    Until any custom changes are made, trying lighter pellets, made of softer lead/ more pure, and thinner skirts should get faster results. Notice the heavier JSBs were going faster than CPs at 10 pumps. Since the lower fps guns don’t slam the pellet and expand the skirt to tightly fit the barrel, a thin skirt should help. Might be worth trying a lighter JSB, like the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo RS, which is 13.43 grains.

    900+ fps sounds like a lot; that must require a complete rebuild!

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