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    My 2nd made from mostly aftermarket parts. I started with a disco steel breech on the 1/4″ riser kit for a 13xx based airguns. I figured not having the breech screw in the path of the cycling pellet was a great idea. Been chasing the elusive 13xx notched, flutted hammer to be used with the 1701/prod trigger group. I tried alchemy airwerks since that’s where I buy most my crosman 2240/13xx parts.
    They make 2 neither support the disco rear breech screw breech.
    So this project scrapped. I did manage one shot over the chrony 10pumps 13g pellet 258fps. And it still had a partial charge left in the valve. While tearing the gun down the hammer was dragging on the top of the sear.

    Changed out the disco breech to the old forward breech screw breech. The barrel is one of the AOA fx LW barrels they were selling for 20 bucks I picked up 2. Since the hammer was dragging on the prod grip I swapped my deck gun bluefork trigger group. Ok no sear dragging with this setup. Using a airgunsmith brass valve and piston. Great valve if you can find one.
    Better look and better numbers lol.

    The numbers on the chrony (505) reflect 15 pumps and a JSB 18.1 pellet. 10pumps JSB 18.1/ 446/ 443/443fps. H&N FTT 14.66
    437/430/433. The H&N excites 13g clocked 562fps 15 pumps, 10 pumps492/485 fps.


    Wow. that looks like a bad ass pistol.
    I am not keen on a scope on a pistol , to each his own .
    I do not mind pumping and one of the best shooting pistols I ever owned was a 1377,
    By heart I am a pistol person ,
    Pistols have to fit in a holster for me as I walk around picking up stuff looking for my prey, The rattle snake
    two foot shot maybe three foot shot right in the head as not to mess up the skin,
    I still have my 1377 leather holster ,
    For now My P17 are the king of accuracy , The Tempest 177 comes in second, the high dollar beeman P 11 22 cal comes in at the very last.
    I got a 177 P1 barrel that is on back order until may 2018 that may fit on it so the P 11 may change .


    Thanks Mike. Yeah my air pistols will never see a rattler lol. Plus I’m a short carbine fan. I need the stability of a shoulder or a stick. I’m so far out of shape I need the pumping for excersise lol. The scope gives me more leverage to pump with. Less strain on the airtube and pistol grip.


    nice job!


    Thanks Stickbow. Welcome to tag!


    Ok chrony worked today chp 14.3 10 pumps 464/462 fps. And 15 pumps net 540 fps.


    So been working on my excercise machine. Pulled the 14″ barrel swapped in a 20″ crosman 2260 barrel unchoked. Shoots pretty accurate. 510+ fps 10 pumps with h&n 14.66 ftt. Got it pumped ready and waiting on mr bushytail to show. The regular spot for them is 19 yards.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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