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    Just got notification from Crosman that their new order of .22 cal. Walthers barrels have finally come in and maybe by next week
    my Crosman 1300KT Carbine will be built and shipped to me . Will give more info on this gun when it arrives . One attention is
    that this gun unmodified shooting JSB 14.30 grain pellets can hit a golf ball at 75 yards . Dose not mean that it will kill at 75 yds.
    However , it maybe a self pumped air gun that needs no outside air supply that may have the ability to make kills on small game
    out to 40 yards depending on pellet grain size . Also keep in mind that the Walther barrel is only 14.5 inches long and the rifling is
    12 lands and groves with 1 and 16 inch twist , barrel is chocked and crowned . Also wondering what an 18 inch or even a 20 inch
    barrel would be able to do even before I get to shoot my new carbine pumper . Maybe this gun could work out to be a true type of
    a survival gun that could take small game out to 40 yards , also what if Crosman could modified this pumper into a .25 cal. gun ?

    :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn: FROM : THE BIRDMAN


    Haven’t posted anything new on this little shooter for a long time until now , I haven’t been shooting it much since I got the Daisy 880S about a year ago because it was a pain in the ass pumping it 10 times for full power. Now that has changed because I finally
    figured out how to add a cocking lever arm to the cocking forearm of the Crosman 1300KT Pump and now I can cock this gun as easy and fast as I can cock the Daisy 880S ten times for full shooting power . Looking to get an AEA semi-auto in .177 caliber when ever China
    is allowed to import them to the U.S., still don’t now how to post any pictures here so if you want to see the little shooter with
    the new cocking lever PM me with a cell phone number or e-mail address and I’ll try my best to send you a picture.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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