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    Hello guys im new here.
    I want buy some PCP 25 cal.After long looking what is better I deside the Cricket Taipan and Vulcan is that what is probabbly the best.
    Please write what the different of that guns.
    Which is accurated energy about 60 to 70 fpe not loud more powerful LW barrel.
    Please help me to keep finaly get to designion what I want to buy.
    Thank all of there for help

    Kind reggards


    The Cricket and Taipan get my vote just because I like the Magazine system , How the pellets are loaded into the magazine, I know its a small thing but when you are paying big bucks small things can add up,,,
    I got all three guns ,


    I’ve got a Cricket and two Vulcans. Like Mike said, the Cricket mag is easier to load, but has a rear cocking handle. I really love the forward cocking handle on my Vulcans. One’s a 22 the newer one is the Vulcan2 in 25. BOTH are very accurate and have great two stage triggers. Both of my triggers break at 5oz.



    Hey thanks so much for your opinion.
    It’s really nice that you have all the rifles so you can do different things with them in terms of performance.
    I can’t have everything and I have to choose one, so I ask people like you who have a great experience.
    I think, as you do, that all rifles are good, so Vulcan is also difficult to choose.
    Of course, there is no best, and each of us needs to prioritize.
    Everything is important to me. Something is more important and something is not so strong.
    Most importantly, speed precision forces the quality of the quality of making long distance shooting. It is important to me, but not so much the price volume appearance weight recoil.
    There is a lot of detail in every shotgun, so it is necessary to make a good analysis when buying. There is a lot that we do not even know. he won’t buy I was left shocked because he has two big mistakes he didn’t know about. He wrote everything in detail and left 2 films on you tube. When I saw it I didn’t know what to think. there was doubt that this was true. Someone if interested would leave a link to look.
    Thanks let me know further about your valued experiences

    kind regards


    Thank you for your reply.
    I chose 25 cal.
    Which one is a better choice for you. Which one behaves better in the long range.
    Here I see that something has been deleted so I’ll explain again.
    Well Cricket is always the best for me, but when I saw a German review recently I was shocked. He wrote that he had Cricket and would never buy it again because he had two mistakes. He explained everything and gave you 2 movies about it .The reaction of other people was also violent. I called Kalibrgun to ask if this was true. They gave me a rather vague answer, which is even more strange to me.
    I’ll find a link to see.

    kind reggards


    Hey guys here is the link.Please write and look tothe end and looked 2 films who is there.Very interesting me what you says ist it right or is it some mistake in proces manufactured.This review is called lots of differend critics between costumers.

    Kind reggards

    Just how accurate is the .25 cal. Cricket?


    Hi iride and zonk.Do you see video and link what I put in.What you says.Is it possible or not.Latter when i read reviews I see that Cricket 25 have a LW barrel and I be very happy beceuse German man in link talking about cricket 22 who hawe a CZ.And now I see that many people says that CZ is much better and german says difference.I relly dont know what is right.
    Please tell me what is better CZ or LW and which barrel have Cricket 25.
    Which barell have Taipan 25 and Vulcan 25 and is it 22 model have better barrel than 25 models.
    Thank you very much

    Kind reggards

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