condor valve dump

i was just wondering what causes my valve to dump, I have a condor with the new valve, and it is a .22 cal. i bought a .177 barrel for it, and it will dump all the air out after a shot or two. i know they have a .177 spring for the valve but i thought you were suppose to just be able to change the barrel. let me know your guys ideas thanks.

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Thanks so much for sharing your expertise about valve dumps. Mine is doing it on a 1800 psi bottle. There is some mis-allignment of tophat and barrel. Your laundry list gives me some suspects to round up.

so these condor valves has so weak return springs that the valves dump ?

that is interesting

a condor bottle and .177 barrel you must get some insane speeds out of that thing

did you shoot it at full power? I usually get this problem when the tank is near 1500 or 1000 psi.

yes it did scare the shit out of me, it accually pushed the scope into my eye and frosted up the barrel. i think something was misalined, i took everything apart cleaned and polished the barrel and it seemed to work, i shot it about 40 times, no problems. thanks

you need a heavier spring made for .177 barrels.

the same happens to me with the new valve.

allmost made you shit your pants didnt it ?

did the pellet make it out of the barrel ?

when it dumps a couple of things might be going on

1. pellet is stuck and theres too much pressure in the barrel keepign the valve open

2. the breech is not sliding as it should and might be canting a bit causing the valve to stick open

3. the tophat has been screwed too far out

4. your valve it not seating it self properly after it has fired(offset barrel ?)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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