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    what kind of power can the condor ss be made to shoot with mods. thinking about the condor or condor ss in 22 cal.


    Sky is the limit.
    The new condor is hot out of the box . Benefit more with the 24″ barrel for easy added power vs 18″.
    Talon Ss I converted to condor parts was great in .22 but the newer Condor is faster.
    I started with the new model in .20 and it was super fast. Changed to the .25 and all changed. Gun was much more hold sensitive. TT hammer spring and my stock plus some more stiffening of the frame I have a beast.
    Look at the AF BLEMS for deals. Cosmetic blem only and same warranty.
    .22 will put out big power in the new model. The talonador was super fast. Nothing but heavy pellets in my set ups.
    I’ve posted on AGN/ GTA and my forum Junkyard Airguns of most of my project Condor with pics. JUNKYARD AIRGUNS has all my builds in more detail. I share there more detail and as mentioned many builds including spring guns.
    Old posts include many pcp conversion guns going back at least captured to 2013.


    My condor was flat out over-powered from the factory. Yep, you can launch a heavy fast enough to sound like an unmuffled .22, but your accuracy will suck. Using the TT tophat I tuned things down to around 650fps for best accuracy and now get 20-ish shots within a 1″ POA.

    FANG- I *need* that stock! What is it? Where do I get one?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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