Condor and Talon almost done….

Getting close on having my Condor and Talon completed.

The Talon started out life as a .22 and was tuned by Tony, who did a great job on the gun. I wanted to change it around a bit and added a 12, then 18 inch .177 barrel on it. Currently, it is awaiting a Blodnob valve to complete the Talon…for now.

The grips and forearm are wood. Fabian made the grips and Bodi made the forearm to my specifications. The recessed area where it is stippled gives a nice feel to it. I specifically asked for a flat bottom so I could shoot the Talon as I do my springers. The trigger guard is removed allowing for a unique look I think. The bolt is of unknown origin. I got it with a shiny breech, but didnt care for the way the breech felt and so just used the bolt. The trigger shoe is from Gil, who works mainly on Crosman guns. Topping off the Talon is a Leapers 6x18x56 scope and a B-Square Weaver adapter for a bit of rigidity. There is an Aimshot laser/light combo and another light on the underside of the gun in front of the bipod. The buttplate is home made with some various parts I had laying around.

The Condor was worked on by Denskin and is a real hammer, but feeling the little man syndrome from others in this forum, I ordered a .25 caliber barrel from Tony and am awaiting delivery. The Condor also sports grips by Fabian and a forearm by Bodis. I think the forearm compliments the grips nicely and the stippling is a plus. The bolt is by Anthony and really sets off the bling factor of the Condor, while giving a nice feel to it…very sturdy. A Morgan buttpad allows for adjustments to compensate for poor ergonomics. A simple AF laser makes closer shots easy and adds to the fun factor. Atop the Condor is a Weaver adapter I got from Robert a couple years back. A Mueller Eraticator 8x25x50 gives a nice look to the Condor. The mod is by Rich in Mich and does a good job of catching a fair amount of lead dust.

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Great! thanks YN

quote Vlady:

I tried Raman and his e-mail is invalid, it came back with a fail notice.
Hard-to-find pellets for sure.

Did you use Raman.Mooshabad @ coastsign.com ? That one worked last time I ordered a few months or so ago.

I’ve always had a quick response from Raman, fast shipping too even though I’m on the other coast.

I tried Raman and his e-mail is invalid, it came back with a fail notice.
Hard-to-find pellets for sure.

42gr are available from “Sluggo”, or “Raman” on the Yellow.

I’m wondering as well about the 42gr Eun Jins. Right now, I have around 50 or so Kodiaks in preparation for the barrel from Tony, but thats all I have save for about 10lbs worth of #3 buck.

Gotta love custom AF guns. I am still waiting on OP valves from Tim so I can send the whole thing to Tony for a .25 conversion and a tune.

Also, where do you guys get 42 gr. EunJin from?


Thanks, yall… I’m stoked about them. That Condor is going to KICK ASS in .25. The Talon right now… I’m having issue with. I’m still wanting lower powered shots, and I thought by adding the 18 inch pipe, I could drop air usage and still have good power. Still some tinkering to do as of right now, it’s shooting over 1000fps with 8.4gr JSB’s…. on PW2. Top hat all the way in as much as it will go. I’ll have to run a string on it. If it’s getting a good number of shots, I dont care about the velocity being high, I can always use Kodiaks. Will see what happens with Seans valve in it.

Bad Ass Rigs Rob…..
We need to get a pic of those on the cover page…

Nice knob Sailor.

Well the twins look nice and healthy. Now lets see what you can shoot with those bad boys.

Sounds like you are having far to much fun.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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