Condor .25 on CO2

Has any one used co2 in a Condor in .25 caliber, and if so how did it do. Thanks, Charles

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Co2 Condor, all stock, .25 cal.

Webley Mosquito consistant 690 fps
Silver Sting 560 fps only one shot test

For comparison, Air at 1800 psi through the same setup would push the Mosquito to 860 fps, and a Kodiac to 725 fps.

Neither shot very accurately, however that was the barrel which I sent back to the builder for replacement.

Gun shot fastest at low (0 to 2) powerwheel setting with Co2. Higher PW settings were slower. Temps were cool, maybe 65 degrees, and the gun would cool off and velocities fall after 5 shots. Will try again this spring.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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