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    Yep waiting myself to see how you like it Mike. I have around 80 to 90 hours on my Freedom 8 and no problems yet. I write down hours and date each time I use it to keep track.


    I just spoke to Jim yesterday from PAG looking for the best place to get Omega coolant and lubricants and he said the Omegas have been doing great. (AOA actually carries the fluids in stock but you can buy elsewhere too since Royal Purple and Renewable lubricants are popular brands) There were a few minor issues I already knew about (related to shipping, freezing (had water but no anti-freeze :suprisedn: ), or assembly) but overall very reliable and so far the pumps themselves seem very good.

    I do wonder a bit on the newer versions of units being sold by others that running the same or similar pumps faster and hotter than the Omegas. The Omega super charger is more than fast enough for the home user (or several users) and it is really running in a derated state so that it stays very cool. The Omega doesn’t really need to run 50% or 75% faster than stock like the original Shoebox could. I know it’s bizarre but I like the old washing machine noise the Omega makes. 😆

    WAGG would be the enemy to Omegas – AOA and PAG so I would take that report with a big grain of salt. 😉 😉 😉 They are at war. There have been some horror stories on Shoeboxes but as long as support and parts are available it becomes just an inconvenience for a short time. The stories I personally know on two Bauer’s means they all break but repairs can be very expensive on some of the more expensive units. 😯 I prefer these units that are designed for personal use and maintenance rather than commercial.


    Sounds great to me , I had a compressor guy that has nothing to do with High PSI compressors look at one of the china compressors for me ,
    Like I say he just builds compressors for the oil field , Some bigger then a pickup truck,,, Beats me what they use them for….
    Any way he flipped out on the O rings on the china compressors, I know nothing about them , He just said you better have a supply of O rings….
    But like I say he has never been around High PSI compressors, but has worked on the oil field Compressors for 40 years,,,,
    ME! I know nothing about them, Thats the reason I ask and read all I could get my hands on,
    I got the best one for me, I hope everyone got the best ones for themselves,,,,
    Just because I have the best dog, does not mean I have the better gun or compressor….or maybe it does, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


    I purchased a no-name 4500psi China compressor, not the Omega/GX/Raptor but another one that came out on the market about 6 months ago, that looked OK on the pictures.


    After fixing the electrics on it, as the way it was delivered it WOULD have killed me, for certain, if I had touched the case and the motor at once it would have been good-night.
    then I had to fix a couple of other things to get it going, it finally ran.

    It has no auto-shutoff, nor any water filter.

    Then I sat back and thinking, what the hell am I doing, playing with this, it will be my death, 4500PSI is dangerous.

    So I called it a day and purchased an Omega and have been happy since.


    I have been researching compressors for awhile and finally settled on Shelden. I am 4th on the list. I spoke with Joe B about the chinese stuff that he and others sell. My only worry was long term parts availability and it still needs a good quality filter. My budget was $2000 so the bigger compressors were out. That left shoebox, omega, alpha, and shelden. If Joe B’s new alpha 275 came with a good filter for the same sale price, I would have probably went that direction. I like the idea of 110volt as I could move it anywhere. Since I have a welder/compressor 30 amp 220volt outlet in my garage, I wasn’t too worried about the shelden being 220. But, I will only have one location to use the compressor.

    At the end of the day, we all have different needs, wants, and budgets. As long as the unit we purchase serves its purpose without much trouble, then we win!


    Your just behind me, I am number three, I am 58 and from what I read and heard I will be dead and buried , The compressor will still be running and the kids will be asking, What the hell is this thing, Wife will be saying its junk he only paid 100,00 for it, Like them cheap 75.00 Dollar BB guns he likes to shoot, After about the third turn I am sure someone will hear the noise coming from the coffin, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Zonk did that answer your question, Top secret stuff going on around here. :rofl:

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