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    Good morning, I´m looking for an air compressor set to 4500 psi. Now i have a Shoebox compressor, but it is very slow for me…
    There are many options between 3000-4000 bucks,… and this is a lot of money for me.. but the options are limited and i´m looking the best option between price-quality

    What do you think about this options:

    1. Omega US 1800
    2. Alpha90 from joe Brancato 19000
    I never hear any about this brand.. Moreover I believe that this is similar to omega, but i dont know
    3. Nardi compressor 2900, Nardi
    I never hear any about this brand
    4. BAUER compressor 3380. from joe

    Please Help me. thanks again :ugeekn:


    The Bauer is the best, with Nardi following in second. Bauer is big in the scuba industry, and very popular in scuba shops. These fill fast, less than an hour.
    Joe’s compressor is the same as the Omega (and Raptor), just less options & cabinet, which are relatively new to the market for any reliability reviews. Joe’s compressor $1900 price includes a 75 cu ft tank setup.


    Please the peopleb htat have some weeks with alpha90 compressor or Omega compressor, tell us about opinion until now.


    Bauer is the best, very big in the Scuba industry. Bauer also do the Poseidon range of compressors.(Parts very expensive)
    Also look at Coltrisub range of compressors.


    If your going to spend that kind of money buy a proven name brand. Pay now or pay later

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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