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Comparing Valves and regulators

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    Scott Bolden

    Yesterday, I took my Condor out for a nice day of shooting, and I thought I would compare my new TT SHO Valve and Altaros regulator against the PCP Tunes Extreme Valve and Regulator. (Just to clarify both setups have their own bottle)
    I have a 50-yard backdrop and began to set everything up for the test. Both regulators were set to the same pressure and no tweaks were done to the valves and both bottles were pressurized to the same amount of air.
    With my chronograph in place, I started off with the TT setup in my gun. The first 20 shots were pretty much as expected, good speeds and velocities, hitting my target with half-inch groups and ripping the bullseye apart.
    Round 2. I put my PCP Tunes Extreme valve and regulator in the gun and began. First shot, the gun sounded weak, and I didn’t see anything hit the target. Hmm, Was wondering if I missed something. The chronograph spits out a low number for the first shot.
    Chronographs screw up sometimes, so I thought it may have been that, so I restarted it. The second shot, lower number, I heard it hit the backdrop, but no signs of a hole anywhere. The third shot, an even lower number, and I could actually see the pellet fly downrange. The fourth and last shot, 250 fps. Something was really wrong here. I put my TT setup back in and normal, back up to 950 and on with a 43.5 grain NSA slug.
    So, what does it sound like it may be? I just received my TT valve about a week ago, and the PCP Tunes setup was working before that. This morning when I woke up, I took the PCP Tunes valve off the regulator and will try it all by its self. That setup is only about a month and a half old. Here I go again dealing with these numb chucks. I’ll get the runaround and no satisfaction.

    Sidenote: Before everything went south with PCP Tunes, I bought several small items from them, a SS screw for the power wheel, and a brass breech. The screw was a slotted screw that barely fit, and the breach was so sloppy loose it wasn’t useable. And if I’m not mistaken the durlin on the hammer they sold me was broken, that caused my failure in my barrel. I wish I had seen TT way back then. Cheaper prices, American made and quality products.
    I will keep you posted as to whether the valve is cooked, and what responce I get from PCP Tunes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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