compare the Condor to the Talon SS

I have an SS in .22 cal, 12″ barrel and is stock with the exception of some baffling in the shroud. I have it set up to shoot Kodiak heavies averaging 750fps with approx 40 shots per fill before the curve starts falling off.

I am wanting another one in .22 cal and just got to wandering what the main difference is between a stock SS and a stock condor? The pics I have seen of condors has the barrel sticking out the end of the shroud. I would think that makes it extremely loud with the only way to calm it down would be to extend the shroud out. By doing that, looks like to me you would have a gun with barrel & shroud sticking out front like a flag pole.

What can you condor guys tell me that may sway me to look further at a condor?


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Oh yeah, those blodnob things rule. Not only are they great for functionality, but they are downright sexy too. 🙂

Wish Sean would come out of hiding and tell us more about his Bloody nob value. Maybe he want to spend more time shooting than machining.


Try 28 gr. Eun Jins at around 1300 fps. I’m not claiming tack driving accuracy at those velocities, just that Sean’s valve will do it. Nor am I claiming lots of shots. But you’re right, it’s better than a Condor. And no fill problems :-)! Now that’s not my usual setup. That’s Kodiaks at around 950 fps. That gives me 40+ fpe, sub 1/2″ groups at 30 yards, and 40 or more shots per fill. I’ve actually done a little more work in the other direction. With my .177 barrel, I can shoot 8.8 gr. Crow Mags at 14-16 fpe, still get sub 1/2″ at 30, and get over 75 shots per fill. Trust me, it’s worth the money, especially if you already have a Talon. How else are you going to get a Condor for $200? Later.


He is on here and yo can PM him. He lives in the U.K. and charges like $200 for one. Drop him a message.

He does great work

Hmmm, does it really add that much more power? At least another 220 fps above a stock condor valve? If so, where do I get one! 😈

Blodnob, Blodnob, Blodnop….valve.

Thats how 8)

quote daved:

Personally, I’ve got a .177 SS with a 24″ .22 barrel, and a Blodnob valve. I can go from less than 15 fpe to over 100, and nearly all of it with tack driving accuracy. Life is good :-)! Later.


How are you getting over 100 fpe with a 24″ .22 barrel. You would have to shoot a 21g Kodiak Extra Heavy at 1470 fps just to break 100 fpe. A stock Condor will only do 1250 fps in .22. I’d be curious to know what kind of pellet you’re using and at what fps.

Blodnob, aka Sean, is a Brit that machines a really nice valve for our guns. Not cheap, about $200, but it’s as flexible as our guns. It comes with 3 different sized inserts, simply by changing inserts, it’s like having a Micro Meter, a standard Talon, and a Condor tank all rolled into one. I thought I’d seen Sean post here, but maybe I was wrong. There’s more info on his valve on the TOG. Only down side is he does them in his spare time, so it can be a wait to get one. Let me know if you need more info.


Dave, thanks alot. That part about 15-20 full power shots about summed it all up for me to make my mind up. I am more into shooting than refilling all the time, so looks like another SS is in my future.

What is the Blodnob valve you spoke of, where/how do you get one?

Not a Condor guy, but here’s what I know. The Condor and SS share basically the same frame, although the Condor has a longer scope rail. The Condor comes stock with a 24″ barrel, and a different, high flow valve. Believe me, if you ever saw a Condor and Talon valve side by side, you’d have no question about which is which :-)! The SS comes stock with a 12″ barrel and special end cap that is supposed to help reduce the noise level. And of course, the Talon valve can’t move nearly the air the Condor can. Up until recently, the Condor valve was a serious problem for lots of people, there is/was a design flaw that limited it to much less than the 3K psi fill it was rated for. But I believe that’s been rectified by the new valve design. It’s still an air hog compared to the Talon, 15 or 20 full power shots vs. 40 or more from the Talon. Oh, and the Condor has a heavier hammer also. I think that’s about it.

The cool thing about these guns is that everything fits everything else. Want a Condor SS? Get a 12″ barrel. Want your SS to do 50 fpe? Get a 24″ barrel. You get the idea. Personally, I’ve got a .177 SS with a 24″ .22 barrel, and a Blodnob valve. I can go from less than 15 fpe to over 100, and nearly all of it with tack driving accuracy. Life is good :-)! Later.


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