Come on guys

If you look at the Readers Rigs viewed count you will see that it has been viewed ALLOT even though there are no posts. This isnt because my rig is the only one in there its because I believe folks would like to see one thread where they can scroll down and see pic after pic of our custom airguns without having to read a bunch of spam posts or having to click thread after thread to look at each set of pics. Maybe Im wrong?

Step up! Get your rig pics in there. Again, please, no text posts, just rig pics with maybe some brief text description of what your showing. If we get something started maybe we can even get it stickied.

Heres a link to the thread if you cant find it )


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LOL, thanks guys, thats great. WOOF WOOF!

I posted on your thread shadoh… call off the hounds !!!

LOL, its not that. I just think folks like pictures and it shows by the “viewed” counter on that thread. Guys keep looking there because it says “Readers Rigs” and then all they see is mine. I guess I could copy and paste some links to pics from other posts but I dont think thats my place to do so.

Way to go Shadoh…

Straighten them out…


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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