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Coast T7 LED light – looking for mounting suggestions

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    Oldgoat, “Holy I don’t know if we have enough screws, Batman!”

    Nice job. I’ll buy you lunch if you can fit 1 more screw on there 🙂

    I have the same problem for a new gun I’m putting together, great ideas here. Thanks all.



    I’ve NEVER had a piece of gear that I just threw on the gun and it worked perfectly the very first try….until I got this flashlight mount from Tedd (oldgoat). The thing is perfect!



    Thanks Ted!

    Walt, I could have used 6-40 screws and had room for a couple more but, I thought 5, 8-32 screws SHOULD it! 😆

    There was actually room for another screw in the middle row.

    I tend to overbuild everything that I make. You should see my home made, clamping, aluminum rifle rest! 😳


    hahahahahahah, I got you beat. Wanna see MY rifle rest?? I figured, the more massive, the better, more stable, right? But of course it has to be man portable more or less; I used steel, mostly. Never weighed it but I think its around 40 lbs. It’s modeled after one of those Sinclair rests.




    This thing is close to 40 pounds and is made out of aluminum!

    The pic doesn’t do it justice! I made it out of scrap that I had. 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ flat bar stock and 1″ square stock for the front cross piece.

    If it was made out of steel, I would have had to put wheels on it! 😆


    hmmmmm. Never seen a rifle rest with wheels on it. Can you add a trailer hitch?

    Man, if you can do that with aluminum, I wanna see what you can do with some duct tape!



    Duct tape! You should see some of us at work. The safety dept. has decided that if our pants have a hole in the knee or the shirt has a hole in the elbow, that is a safety hazard! We don’t have the “proper protective clothing.” We could hurt ourselves! They are not worried about us catching the frayed clothing in a machine, we might hit the exposed skin on something!

    We get the option to go home and change or cover the hole!

    It has become quite the contest to see who can be the most creative with duct tape.

    When I go shooting, I always have a roll in my range bag, just in case I see something that needs taped! 😆



    [quote=”oldgoat”]Hi Ted.
    I made this mount out of an old 30mm scope mount, a piece of scrap steel and a few small screws.

    Old Goat, I think you need to add another screw to that plate. I don’t think it will hold with only 5 😆



    OK! Ted you need to send your light holder back so I can make 80 Grit happy and get a free meal from Walt.

    Let me know if you need my addy.



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