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Lots of good info here on this site. I’ve read just about the whole thing but didn’t see much on CO2. I assume that’s because CO2 is a more recent thing.

I’m setting up my new SS with CO2. From what I gather, there’s not much I can do to it other than some trigger work?

Do the top hat, hammer etc require any polishing or tuning or is the CO2 not enough power to worth modyfying?

Rabbits, fwiw, you’re photos of your cocobolo grips are what inspired me to get the SS. Thanks for the pics man

I’m an old schooler spring guy, this is what I normally work on

Now, I’m looking forward to doing a little something to this new SS which will be my new partner at the trout stream…

Talon/Talon SS

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Truth is, the talon SS is a co2 whore…it puts out a lot more than it needs to. Will find that there is little reason to dial it above “4”, as the 12″ barrel doesn’t gain much (if anything) squirting out more c02 than that does make more noise and cool the rifle down faster. It’s fast for a 12″ barreled co2…and the 18″ or 24″ versions are about as fast as any co2 gets.

Even dialed in at “4”, will put out about .7 gr. of co2 per shot…to put that in perspective, other co2 rifles generally squirt out about .5-.6 to get the same speeds (from longer barrels).

I’d certainly not think about modding it to release more gas…am considering sending a spare co2 adaptor in to get modded to use LESS (figure dialed up to 10 or so, would be as fast as it is now, but with the option of dialing it down lower). Other option to be played with is a lighter hammer (willb e doing some trials in the coming weeks).

Would work on baffles…are several good ideas presented on this board…and on trigger work.


The first thing I did was the baffles. I went the 1″ fender washer with felt pad route. Worked like a charm.

Thanks for your help

We have several members here who like the CO2 route. To tune your gun up you can do the trigger mod as well as put some baffeling in.

The trigger will make a big difference and with it being CO2 and baffeled it will be dead silent.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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