closing sale, BSA lightning, twinmaster co/2, RWS c mount

I was at a sportsmans ware house today which is closing and found some good deals on the guns mentioned above. The BSLightning was $358, Twin master co/2 target pistol was $362, Walther CP sport was $65, and the RWS c mount 1 piece adjustable scope mount 1″ was $35. I’m thinking of buying it all and selling them on the yellow. Anyone know how well these guns would sell in like new condition?? Anyone interested let me know i’ll be going tomorow to purchase them as the store closes on wed. for good. any input would be much appreciated. Wolverine pellets were $10 a tin of 500 🙂 The one piece RWS mount is a good deal for any looking for a op mount.

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Got the BSA lightning XL, Twinmaster “action” co/2, 8 shot semi auto and will test these out tonight yet. Am impressed with the build on both these guns. Still trying to decide on getting the Walther Desert Eagle which i can get for $89. Was told it was a cp sport but isn’t. Still a good price for one of these. Anyone interested or know someone thinking about one of these guns i can give them a good price on a purchase. Am seriously thinking of keeping the twin master, nice target pistol. I’llpoast some pics in the for sale section tomorrow.

Anyone with experience with any of these guns? Was wondering if the twin master can be converted to a PCP.

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