Claims of 1750 fps with helium

I found this thread over on the BBMachinegun forum. Check out the posts by Frank44 and his claims of 1750 fps using helium and the 30g elay pellets.


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Hey Joe,

Helium comes from the “oil and gas” industry and is only available through companies like Praxir. You must have seen people using those 5 ft tall cylinders to fill balloons. I seriously doubt that you can take your scuba tank to an industrial gas supplier to have it filled. Those cylinders typically do not use “k” valves that you clamp is designed for. You pretty much have to look at renting one of those cylinder and have an adaptor made for you to transfer He to your scuba tank. You may need a regulator as well since a lot of those cylinders come in 6000 psi although you can get 3200 psi ones depending on your local supplier.


i would use this adapter if it works on a regular scuba tank.

Clean Helium is very expensive and the cost is going up pretty quick. I am not sure of the cost of lower grades. I think most is supplied at low pressure (2400psi).

You can get it at a welding gas supplier.

And again on my diver pedestal, please mark your SCUBA tank if you put anything other than breathing air in it.

Ditto… what adapters or whatever do we need to get the scuba filled with helium.

How can someone get refills for Helium and how much is it compared to air?

It’s doable. Tim1 used to use Helium in his UK-spec Condor about 3-4 years ago and he said that h was getting about 130fpe from a Dae Sung in .22 and that equates to about 1450fps. The rule with Helium, from what I know, is double the energy and 1/4 the shots. However, 1750fps with 30 Grain pellets may be more than just a little on the optimistic side, but who knows?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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