Ok I topped her off at 3000, cranked the p.w. to 12 and here is what i got……………..String number one 1. 829.7 2. 849.1 3. 869.7 4. 871.9 5. 844.5 6. 870.4 7. 867.5 8. 866.7 9. 885.4 10. 872.7 Low=829.7 High=885.4 AVG.=862.8 E.S.=55.65 S.D.=16.46 String number two…….1. 864.3 2. 899.0 3. 894.2 4. 893.6 5. 922.1 6. 907.0 7. 902.4 8. 911.2 9. 950.6 10. 917.5 Low=864.3 High=950.6 AVG.= 906.2 E.S.=86.27 S.D.=22.29 String number three…….1. 939.2 2. 931.7 3. 942.9 4. 966.4 5. 956.2 6. 972.5 7. 998.8 8. 985.4 9. 1014 10. 1033 Low=931.7 High=1033 AVG.=974.1 E.S.=101.9 S.D.=33.76 String number four……1. 1019 2. 1027 3. 1051 4. 1083 5. 1120 6. 1108 7. 1130 8. 1137 9. 1155 10. 1153 Low=1019 High=1155 AVG.= 1098 E.S.= 136.4 S.D.= 50.67 Now we can see that the velocity is beyond what we want, so i backed it down to 9.9…String number five……1. 1051 2. 1119 3. 1114 4. 1122 5. 1318 6. 1309 7. 1283 8. 1285 9. 1274 10. 1293 Low=1051 High=1318 AVG.=1217 E.S.=266.7 S.D.=101.9 At this point it was obvious 9.9 was way too much so i took one shot with the p.w. set at 8 then 7 then 6 then 5 five dropped me below the one thousand mark so i went with that, string six p.w. at five 1. 966.9 2. 947.7 3. 950.0 4. 954.5 5. 963.7 6. 997.0 7. 973.6 8. 1019 9. 1015 10. 1029 Low=947.7 High=1029 AVG.=981.7 E.S.=82.07 S.D.=30.93 Looking at it now i should of left it alone and shot a seventh string to see what it was going to do. I wanted to know what my pressure was after approx. 65-70 shots so i hooked her up and gave it a slight crack of the valve, it danced right up to 2200 then stopped. So from that i ASSume the ending pressure was 2100 to 2200????. Wishing i had of shot that seventh string at p.w. five………btw if someone would please tell me how to post these numbers in a column i would appreciate it, i know it’s a pain the way it is. Well tell me what you all think. Next up will be the Kodiak match grade. Edit….i had put spacing in between all the numbers when i hit submit they were gone. Maybe a mod could fix this post and make it nice.

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I am wanting to order a 24″ .177 barrel, but also want a 24″ .25 barrel. Have to wait till Christmas though lol. I can see 100’s of 900-950fps .177 10.5 C.P.’s with so little air usage (.040!!!!) I may have to retrain myself how to refill it lol.

Right on then. .060 here we come. Yeah, I’m thinking “shit, if I can get good power AND lots of shots AND lots of fills, only filling to 2000 and refilling at 1000” I think i’m having my cake and eating it too 😀

It shouldn’t be a problem, Sam, it’s not like there’s anything for it to run into. I think I’m in about the same boat, I’ve got my TSS with 18″ .177 turned down so much I’m afraid I’m going to start slamming the TH into the valve body if I go any farther, it’s at .034″! I’m afraid of the same thing if I turn the PW up. But I’m getting a ridiculous shot count, a 3K psi fill starts at the mid 900’s and only drops to the high 800’s over 60 shots, pressure only goes down to about 2500 psi, and no change in POI. I think I’m going to HAVE to start experimenting with a lower fill pressure. Anyway, I’d try turning yours down some more, there’s nothing there to hurt. Later.


Dave I finally got a feeler guage and measured my top hat. From the factory it was set to .088. I lowered it to .070 I don’t know what to think but I seem to be getting an amazing number of good powerful shots (with 14.3 C.P.’s anyway, we’ll see what happens when I order up some 21.1 Kodiaks) only filling to just over 2000 and refilling at 1000. I want to know from someone who knows (for sure) if it’s ok to have the threads of the valve stick out past the top hat. If I go any lower than .070 my threads will be protruding past the top hat. BUT I would like to try .060 and see what happens.

Thanks Dave. Yeah there is something wrong here. I will see what it does with Kodiak match grade next. Do you think I should send it back to A.F. or just stop my fills at 2300? I’m wondering if it is even possible i got an old valve on a new gun??? Maybe i should change my sig…..

You mean like this, Sam :-)?

Sorry I don’t have this spreadsheet set up to produce a graph (yet!). Two things stand out for me. The SD’s tell part of the tale, those Crosmans don’t like doing over 900 fps. And the velocity jumping around like that happens to me with Crosmans as well. I know lots of guys swear by them, but I always find myself swearing AT them :-)!

Your Condor still seems to be shooting slow to me. And you’re getting a surprisingly high shot count, as well. Both of these have me thinking your top hat is set a little on the low side. I’m averaging a little under 900 fps with my TSS with 24″ .22 barrel shooting Kodiaks. That’s with a stock tank, but a heavier hammer, TH @ .069″ and PW @ 6. 35 shots takes me from 3K psi to about 2200, so your shot count is a lot higher, and it shouldn’t be. Anyway, that’s what I think, if I think of something else, I’ll let you know. Later.


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