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    Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie here but not to airguns. I am will be increasing the heard by one Air Force PCP. I had the Condor in my sights but I have adjusted my aim to towards a TalonP. I am currently researching it vigorously. I think my heart is on the TalonP carbine With the bundled shoulder stock and suppressor and later from Talon Tunes, a single piece top hat and hammer with slap modification. Advice on my choice will be appreciated


    Welcome Tony..

    Unless OAL and weight is an issue, I would go with a rifle with a standard size tank…

    You are limited to 5-8 shots with TalonP on max power.

    What do you want to do with your new gun?

    Thanks, Tony


    Hi Anthony,

    I found out from Air Force that the bigger Condor tank would work on the TalonP so although I did not mention it, it would be the first upgrade. I do want the power, light weight, and carbine length. I love carbines. Basically it would be for pesting and long range plinking. I particularly like its agility in changing power and caliber. The Condor is a little long and heavy. Does anyone make a regulator for the TaloP?


    Put together a Talon p for for my son. Added a carbon fiber bottle and a high flow adjustable top hat with a short mod to keep the noise down. He likes it but to tell the truth I love it its short enough to shoot rats out the window of the truck and with 50 fpe got the power to take on any thing that runs on four legs at the feed lot. Lizzy my condor is getting 100 fpe but more and more find my self sneaking out the little P. Witch for all intents purposes is now a talon ss on steroids. When he gets a little bigger going to have to work the trigger I would like to lighten it some. Been shooting air force guns for over ten years now if hunting is what your going to do they will get the job done.



    I can understand that. The easy convenience of a carbine. I love modding my guns. I have never owned an Air Force gun so  I am looking forward to the different mods that this platform accommodates. Pity that Alteros does not offer a drop in regulator for the TalonP. I would have thought that the Condor’s regulator would have worked, but Alteros said it wouldn’t. He offers a version for the TalonP which uses a paint ball thread that’s different to Air Force’s.


    I just ordered a Talonp from Utah Airgun in .22.  I didn’t know that it came in this configuration.  Has anyone heard of this? I wonder how it will perform


    With the new heavy pellets, you’re gonna have fun. Not to say anything about what it will do with slugs.

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