chinese SS copy


grip looks nicer…..and triggerguard is bigger, plus safety looks better….wonder how much that will be

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wrecked old AF talon frame was the prototype. Looks like they beefed up the top rail. If they were smart they’ed have done a side cocking model.

found this in a brasilian forum:


can be PCP or CO2(for coutries that only accept regulated guns)

These weapons will be sold in the U.S.A. by a traditional pressure weapons manufacturer. (any gess?? i dont know)

the result of some tests:

.177-best groups with 900fps and a pellet that weigh 0,89 grams
-above 1000fps is a crap

.22-with a pellet weighing 0,95 grams make a 1″ group(dont say the distance)

ajustable trigger

multi-shot prototype in test phase

in the begining it only will be on sale in Taiwan

its manufactured by a taiwan manufacture that manufactures rifles for some American companies with a OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) contract.

Are they on the market? if so how much? Be nice if it was an exact copy, i could see switching things around a bit. Make a hybred, usually the chinese stuff is pretty cheap.

A single shot, tanked AirSoft rifle, WTF? 😕

Its a bad copy at best, why oh why, when given unlimited access to ripping off designs, do they always have to make a POS out of something good…?

Interesting find Cygnus…wonder if it will ever make it to our shores?

“Soft Air”?

Interesting looking VERY small tank/tophat hole.

😆 looks like they kept the same damned “safety”


That’s a nice looking copy. 😯

I don’t see the resemblence.

i think the grip looks nicer too

the scoperail looks like it is screwed to tube bit of the frame…cant be good for rigidity….but then if its a soft air who cares they couldnt hit a barn if they where in it.

could be interesting though….as a cheap starting point for say a bigbore or something…

there are no law suits in the far east from western companies

mafia law out there for the most part


No law suit. Airforce has no legal standing in Taiwan and there is no way they could get the courts to find in their favor in Taiwan.

I do think the grip looks better…..LOL…

Wow, talk about a knock off. Theres a lawsuit waiting to happen. Unless of course they have permission. Hey, I wonder if they will sell us gun parts? )

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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